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The Grand Canal and Its Historical Borders… 2019-07-16
Hangzhou is the proud owner of two UNESCO World Heritage sites, one is the magnificent West Lake and the other is the majestic Grand Canal (Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal).

The Grand Canal is the oldest and longest canal in the world and in ancient times played an essential role in the economic and cultural communication between Northern and Southern China. It is the Grand Canal that made Hangzhou world-famous and throughout its glorious history has left behind a large number of historical relics.

Today, the Grand Canal still serves as a link to the rest of the world and it is above these tranquil waters that a number of cultural, historical and notable landmarks can be found.


Water bus
From Wulinmen Wharf (武林门码头) to Gongchenqiao Wharf (拱宸桥码头)
Fare: 5RMB


Gongchen Bridge (拱宸桥)
There are many ancient bridges spanning the Grand Canal but it is Gongchen Bridge that is the highest and longest. This three-arch stone-clad bridge has stood firmly and proudly over the Grand Canal for over three hundred years and has taken the toll of millions. However today the bridge is still in use and remains as charming as ever.

China Grand Canal Museum (中国运河博物馆)
Along the west bank of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal is the China Grand Canal Museum which covers a total area of 42,910 sq m. This museum is overflowing in information and history as well as a great location in which to view the Grand Canal, its bridges, boats and wharfs.

China Umbrella Museum (伞博物馆)
The China Umbrella Museum is the only umbrella museum in the world. In China, notably in the Jiangnan area, the umbrella is more than a tool – it is a carrier of culture. This museum will not only shower you with information but inclusively shows the culture, history and folklores related to China’s most weathered accessory. Visitors can even participate in making their own creative parasols.

China Knife, Scissors and Sword Museum (刀剪剑博物馆)
Situated beside the China Umbrella Museum is the museum of China Knife, Scissors and Swords which, over two floors, cuts deep into the culture of China’s traditional weapons and life tools. The most highlighted part is the interaction zone, where visitors can experience at first hand the use of such traditional weapons. The museum is also home to the oldest knife, a bronze ornament made in the China Warring-State Period (475 BC-221 BC) and the most mysterious knife - the Damascus Steel Knife. 

China Fan Museum (扇博物馆)
The Chinese Fan Museum, since its opening, has been one of the most popular tourist destinations in Hangzhou. This fan museum breezes you through the history of one of China’s most traditional accessories and displays a colourful range of hand-crafted pieces. In Chinese literature the fan is a classic symbol of romance and femininity and in many poems and essays umbrellas have always been associated with elegance.

Jiangshu Railway Park (江墅铁路公园)
Jiangshu Railway is the first railway in Zhejiang Province and its park is built on the original site of the terminus of Jiangshu Railway — Gongchenqiao Station (拱宸桥站). The Park is open from Wednesday to Sunday.
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Kayaking, Rafting, Swimming Pool Carnival from Day to Night2019-07-15
Qiandao Lake in summer has many to offer and to enjoy the coolness of water in the lake and mountain streams are must-have. We did a thorough research ahead of time and hereby have collected a complete water fun guide of Qiandao Lake for you! Read on to learn more...
Speical Rural Scenic Area Tourist Bus is in Operation2019-07-15
Good News! In order to improve the high-speed railway connection system and promote the construction of scenic areas in the whole region, Qiandao Lake opened its direct tourist buses to rural scenic areas on July 1. That is to say, people who are at the Qiandao Lake High-Speed Railway Station can take these buses directly to such rural scenic areas as the Xiajiang Village Scenic Area, the Shilin Scenic Area and the Jiangjia Scenic Area. These three routes pass through Fengshuling Town, Lishang Township, Shilin Town, Jieshou Village and Jiangjia Town. It will be more convenient for tourists to reach these scenic areas.
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