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Hangzhou’s New Restaurants – A Taste of the Future 2019-09-19
Every month Hangzhou’s restaurants rustle up a number of ingredients - whetting the appetites of both locals and visitors. To give you a bite into Hangzhou’s newly opened restaurants the following three, a taste of the future, have been carefully hand-picked for you to chew over.

Quanjude (全聚德) – Beijing Style

Quanjude, founded in 1864, is an age-old Beijing restaurant noted for its signature Quanjude Peking Roast Duck and this May the restaurant shared its culinary culture with the rest of the world in the 2015 Milan World Expo.

Yang Quanren, (杨全仁) the founder of Quanjude was the first to break the tradition of using closed stoves and together with the imperial cook of the Qing Dynasty, improved the method of roasting a duck in a hung stove instead of a closed one. This method was favoured by all which in turn enabled it to become the most popular dish amongst all and sundry.

Quanjude, having already made its name and established its own style, is today praised by celebrities and leaders and serves a variety of creative dishes including those prepared from different parts of the duck.

From now on, for authentic Peking Roast Duck, there is no need to travel to Beijing when Quanjude is right on your doorstep.

Add: the 3rd floor of Ruiming Building on No.231 Moganshan Road (莫干山路231号锐明大厦3楼)

(乐炭) – American Style

Letan specialises in dishes from the southern parts of the United States and is run by an overseas returnee wanting to share his authentic American food culture with the people of Hangzhou city. This American style restaurant with its high ceilings and crisp layout also has a number of separate zones for watching sport and drinking beer.

What makes the restaurant even more appealing is its own beer brewing equipment which can make six kinds of beer, each named after an ancient Chinese celebrity.

Letan is not only known for its flavours but for its portions too - take the BBQ platter for example, on which various types of grilled meat are piled high, cooked by different methods and accompanied by a variety of sauces. 

Home-made Sausages, another specialty, are a must-order for every customer as are the fire-cured pork ribs which, woody in fragrance, are both spicy and tender to taste.

For a taste of the South – Letan certainly hits the spot.

Add: the 1st floor of the No. 3 Building of Juzhen International on No.515, Yuhangtang Road (余杭塘路515号矩阵国际3号楼1楼)

BAO BEI DAN (宝贝蛋) – Unique Style

This restaurant is renowned for its unique style and after having achieved huge success along the Grand Canal, BAO BEI DAN has now opened a branch in Hangzhou’s Binjiang District.

The Binjiang branch features a classic Chinese style with a round bar in the centre and frescos depicting Chinese heroes, both ancient and modern, can be found dotted all over the walls.

Its six founders are all from the fashion industry which justifies the sewing machines and items of clothing hanging around. BAO BEI DAN is not only recognised for its tasteful décor but is also highly regarded for its modern day flavours, notably the beef and mashed potato.

Add: No. 32 Juyuan Road, Binjiang District (滨江区聚园路21号)
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