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Go Low Carbon and Green for Free 2019-01-02
Great news for science and technology fans the Hangzhou Low-carbon Science & Technology Museum is now open to the public for free. The plan was made several years ago but was finally put into practice on May 16, 2015. The free admission covers a wide range of fundamental science and technology programmes, such as permanent exhibitions and themed activities including lectures and reports. 

About the Museum

Hangzhou Low Carbon Science & Technology Museum is the first of its kind in the world and is a non-profit science education and popularisation institution. It also serves as the function of low-carbon science & technologies popularisation, green building exhibition, low-carbon academic exchange and information dissemination. Covering an area of 33,656 sq m the museum’s building is a typical example of a green building itself. Through using energy-saving technologies such as BIPV, solar utilisation, green lighting technology, water source heat pump and ice storage, the museum adheres to its theme – low-carbon and green.

Guided by the principle of ‘Low-carbon life, the future life’, the museum has set up seven permanent exhibition halls, two theatres (an IMAX theatre and a dome theatre), a temporary exhibition hall, a lecture hall and several laboratories. Through over 100 interesting and interactive scientific items, the museum promotes the scientific spirit, advocates scientific methods, spreads scientific thought, and popularises scientific knowledge to the public.

NB: Other optional items like films, some temporary exhibitions and some science and technology courses as well as the summer camp still require visitors to pay a fee.

Add: No.1888, Jianghan Road, Binjiang District (滨江区江汉路1888号)
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Qiandao Lake Scenery2019-03-27
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Qiandao Lake for Vacation - You Deserve It2019-03-27
On December 25, 2018,the much-anticipatedHangzhou-Huangshan High-speed Railway was officially open.Hangzhou and Qiandao Lake get closer to each other with about an hour train ride."High-speed railway is the light for human" is really reasonable!
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