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Mother’s Day - Steeped in Beauty and Taste 2019-01-02
Scattered around the West Lake are a number of teahouses and whether you choose to sit directly next to this shimmering centerpiece or high up above it, either way you look at it Mother’s Day this year will most certainly be steeped in beauty and a number of tastes.

The following teahouses not only offer a cup of freshly-picked Longjing Green Tea but also a wide variety of dim sum and exceptional views of the West Lake – making Mother’s Day the perfect day to infuse any number of senses.

Hu Pan Ju Teahouse (湖畔居)
Established in 1998 Hu Pan Ju is the city’s most well-known teahouse and located beside the West Lake and surrounded by water on three sides it offers unrivaled views of the enticing West Lake.

The teahouse offers a wide variety of high quality teas which includes superior West Lake Shifeng (Lion Peak) Longjing Green Tea, over 100 teas certificated by China Tea Museum and various flower teas from all over the world all of which are brewed by Hangzhou’s number one natural Tiger Spring and number three Spring in China.

To cater to every taste there are a wealth of tea snacks which add up to over 100 and are served in the form of a buffet. In addition, tea feasts and tea shows are available and various kinds of exquisite tea sets from different periods are also on show. The teahouse offers a variety of seating options, varying from private rooms accommodating 2 to 30 to outdoor waterfront seats where you can soak up the scenery, romanticised by poets, painters, calligraphers and emperors during the past millennium.
Add: No.1, Shengtang Scenic Area, Hangzhou (杭州市圣塘景区1号)
Tel: (0571) 87020701

Qingteng Teahouse (青藤茶馆)

Qingteng Teahouse is a chain of teahouses which witnessed its first opening in 1996. The recommended branch to visit is located opposite the West Lake on Nanshan Road and is decorated in Jiangnan style where over 5000sq m of floor space are dedicated to ten main zones aptly named after the top ten views of the West Lake. With sounds of Qin and Xiao playing in the background and luscious green bamboo, bridges with streams flowing beneath and winding paths to follow – tea this Mother’s Day will satisfy any number of tastes.  

Just like Hu Pan Ju Teahouse, Qingteng mainly serves famous teas and snacks from the Jiangnan region and the food here is also served in the form of a buffet which includes meals, local snacks like Dingshen Cake and Cong Bao Hui and dim sum, fruits and drinks.
Address: No.278, Nanshan Road, Hangzhou (杭州市南山路278号)
Phone: (0571)87022777

Chenghuang Tower Teahouse (城隍阁茶楼)
Chenghuang Tower Teahouse, founded in 2000, is located high on the top of Wushan Hill and is a multifunctional establishment that serves the purpose of leisure, sightseeing and reception.

The third floor of Chenghuan (Town God) Tower is decorated in traditional Chinese style where Ming Dynasty-style redwood furniture is aplenty and the teas here are of great variety including of course the most famous ones, like West Lake Longjing, Tie Guanyin (a variety of oolong tea) and Pu’er.

The best known snack served here is Wushan Hill Crisp Cake. The cake is a renowned traditional snack with a local history of over seven hundred years and is also known as ‘Top Cake in Wushan Hill’. It resembles a golden hill capped with snow and tastes crispy and sweet and not greasy at all.
Address: No.3, Wu Hill, Hangzhou (杭州市吴山3号)
Phone: (0571)87922688
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Qiandao Lake Scenery2019-03-27
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Qiandao Lake for Vacation - You Deserve It2019-03-27
On December 25, 2018,the much-anticipatedHangzhou-Huangshan High-speed Railway was officially open.Hangzhou and Qiandao Lake get closer to each other with about an hour train ride."High-speed railway is the light for human" is really reasonable!
No.188, Fuchun Road, Hangzhou, China
TEL: 86-571-96123
FAX: 86-571-96123
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