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Boating – The Sail of the Century 2019-01-02
It is by no means an exaggeration to say that part of Hangzhou’s fame as “a heavenly city” derives from the West Lake and its unique landscape. Surrounded by mountains on three sides, West Lake has three islets gracing it, three causeways guarding it, two pagodas opposing it and two brilliantly, illuminated streets close to it.

More than a picturesque scenic spot West Lake is also a combination of Hangzhou’s culture and history. It has witnessed the romance of White Snake and Xuxian, the uprightness of General YueFei and the talent and beauty of Su Xiaoxiao and has won numerous praises from ancient emperors and poets. It is history that created West Lake and endowed it with indefinite charm and it is today that millions are drawn to its beauty, like that of a traditional Chinese painting.

Leisurely cruising West Lake enables you to enjoy, at different angles, a variety of its views and gliding past ancient Chinese monuments whilst getting a glimpse of a modern day Hangzhou is what can only be described as the sail of the century.

There are a wide range of boats for your selection:

Painted Boats
Range: Outer West Lake including Yingzhou and Mid-lake Islet
Where to board:No.5 Lakeside Park, No.2 Lakeside Park, Children's Palace
Price: RMB55/person

Leisure Boats
Range: Outer West Lake including Yingzhou and Mid-lake Islet
Where to board: No.5 Lakeside Park, No.2 Lakeside Park, Children's Palace, Zhongshan Park, Hangzhou XinxinRestaurant, Huagang Park (Flower Pond), Temple to King Qians
Price: RMB55/person

Self-drive Boats
Range: West Inner Lake
Where to board: Broken Bridge
Price: RMB40 /hour for Four-seat boat; RMB50/hour for Six-seat boat

Self-rowing Boats
Range: Outer Lake
Where to board: No.6 Lakeside Park
Price: RMB30 /hour with a deposit of RMB300

Rowing Boats

Range: almost the whole West Lake
Where to board: Around West Lake
Price: RM150 /hour
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