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Tourist Car – The Ride of Your Life 2019-06-24
Since ancient times the West Lake, for its mesmerising beauty, has attracted numerous poets, scholars, officials and even emperors where they left behind a wealth of heritage and in doing so, further enhanced the charm of this glistening masterpiece. With its recent inscription into the UNESCO Heritage Site List, West Lake has strengthened its status as a cultural and historical landmark and still continues to be the number one stop for tourists in Hangzhou.

With a number of scenic spots scattered around its 6.39 sq km area, it can easily take a full day to experience the whole of the lake. Among one of the ways to tour this picturesque waterscape and for the ride of your life taking a tourist car is no doubt the most cosy, time-saving and environment-friendly of them all.

For boarding West Lake tourist cars there is no fixed ticketing office or stop, all you need to do is flag one down, simply waving at the driver the car will stop and pick you up. The route of the carstarts and endsat the Children’s Palace (Broken Bridge) and travels in a clockwise direction. Payment is made after boarding the car and instead of by distance, West Lake tourist cars charge by section. There are four sections to cover and each is priced at RMB 10, which makes a complete tour around West Lake only RMB40 but of course you can also just choose to go by section.

The 1st section is southwards from the Children's Palace (Broken Bridge) to Yongjinmen (涌金门), the 2nd from Yongjinmen to Leifeng Pagoda, the 3rd from Leifeng Pagoda to YueFei Mausoleum by way of Su Causeway and the last section is from Yuefei Mausoleumback to the starting point. The whole trip is approximately 13.5 km and takes around 70 min to finish.

Detailed Route of West Lake Tourist Car:

Children's Palace→Broken Bridge→No.6 Lakeside Park→Hubin Scenic Area→No.1 Lakeside Park→Yongjin Park→Orioles Singing in the Willows→XueshiPark (学士公园)→Tangyun Art Gallery→Long Bridge→Zhejiang Art Museum→Jingci Temple→Leifeng Pagoda→Prince Bay Park→Su Causeway→Viewing Fish at Flower Pond→Spring Dawn at Su Causeway→YuFei Mausoleum→Wusong’s Tomb→Xiling Bridge→Xiling Seal-engravers' Society→Zhongshan Park→Autumn Moon Over Calm Lake→Zhejiang Provincial Museum→Bai Causeway→Broken Bridge→Children's Palace
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High Time and Great Places to Enjoy the Beauty of Lotus2019-06-17
Breeze-Ruffled Lotus at Quyuan Garden (simplified Chinese: 曲院风荷; pinyin: qu yuan feng he), one of the ten scenic views of West Lake in Southern Song Dynasty, is one of the largest special lotus gardens in China. In the garden are grown over 50 kinds of lotus flowers. Here, you are able to see the spectacular view of “The emerald lotus leaves reach as far as where water and skies meet, and lotus blossoms bathing in sunshine exhibit a distinctive dazzling pink”, which is vividly depicted in a renowned Chinese poem.
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