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Zhongshan Rd. M. Selected into the First Chinese Historical Blocks 2019-01-02
Local Hangzhounese is believed to have a deep affection for Hangzhou Zhongshan Road M. where represents the charm of old Hangzhou City. Some grew up here and some had the most reminiscent experiences in this aged road.

At some time in the past, Zhongshan Road M. was the most prosperous commercial road in the city, stretching from Guanxiangkou, Jiefang Rd.to Gulou Tower, Qinghefang.

With hundred years past, nowadays this aged road is left with many historical buildings such as Phoenix Temple, the former site of Zhejiang Industrial Bank and modern buildings at four corners, loaded with deep historical memory of Hangzhou City.

In 2007 Zhongshan Road M. was included into the 20 some historical blocks in planning in Hangzhou, according to the Overall Hangzhou City Plan (2001-2020) approved by the State Council.

Recently this road was successfully selected into the first Chinese historical blocks, as the only one in Hangzhou City.

The main reason of its being selected is inseparable from its profound history and culture. Since the Song Dynasty it had been a commercial center of Hangzhou City. In the Southern Song Dynasty, it is a principal axis, called imperial road, leading to imperial palace, as the widest and most prosperous road in Hangzhou at that time. In the Yuan Dynasty, it was called the Arab World where many foreign merchants gathered. In the period of the Republic of China, as a highly developed financial road, Zhongshan Road M. was called Hangzhou Wall Street. Today you still can find some bank sites here.

The Hangzhounese have a special feeling with the about 1500 meters long Zhongshan Rd. M. historical block. It has been carefully protected and expected to reproduce its prosperity. 

As a traditional commercial block, Zhongshan Rd. M. still retains many time honored shops such as Fangyuhe, Zhuangyuanguan, Gaoyitai, Jiuzhizhai, Yufengxiang, Shaozhiyan, Kuiyuanguan.

The history and culture of Zhongshan Rd. M. are well inherited and developed. You can still trace street, lane ruins of the Song Dynasty, religious buildings of the Yuan Dynasty, old brand shops of the Qing Dynasty as well as modern banks and shops.
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