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The Charms of Tonglu 2019-01-02
This spring pinky peach blossom and golden rapeseed flowers have shown the world their true colours and made Tonglu stand out as one of Zhejiang province’s top tourist destinations.

It was on March 23, in a sea of pink and golden flowers, that the 7th Tonglu Flower Festival sprung out from Peach Blossom Square, inviting people from all over the world to have a romantic date with spring. The festival also marked the beginning of China’s Leisure Village Tourism Season in which Tonglu County was honoured the title as most charming town in China.

Tonglu’s tourism season lasts the whole year and provides visitors with various events, such as cycling, tea culture, fruit picking, dragon boat competition, country music festival and art exhibitions. In addition, four classic tour itineraries have been introduced which involves spring outing, flower viewing, drifting, cycling and food tasting.

About Tonglu

With profound culture and age-long history and favourably located at the banks of the enchanting Fuchun River, the scenery in Tonglu is second to none and has been dubbed as ‘A Town in a Picture Postcard’. About 80 kilometers away from Hangzhou, Tonglu County has Mt. Huangshanand Thousand-islet Lake in its west as well as the famous Qiantang River and West Lake in its east, making it a nice pit stop to a journey of discovery, beauty and endless charm.

Wonderful Places toView Flowers in Tonglu:

Peach Blossom at Yangshanfan

Peach blossom cultivation in Yangshanfan is over 150 years old and is a place that lives up to its fame as 'Shangrila with abundance of peach blossoms'. To view one of spring’s most beautiful floral creations then visit Peach Blossom Valley.Venue: Peach Blossom Valley (桃花谷)Address: Yangshanfan, Hengchun Town(阳山畈横村镇)

Rapeseed Flowers at Yaolin

Inside this more than one thousand-mu field (1 mu roughly equals 666 sq m), golden rapeseed flowers and lush green wheat stalks with four Chinese characters '潇洒桐庐 (meaning  charming Tonglu)' are carved out to form a most spectacular sight. The winding passage that leads to the Rapeseed Flowers Field is decorated with multi-coloured windmills and located right at the entrance of Red Stone Bay Scenic Area, from you rapeseed field, you can also visit Yaolin Wonderland (unique Karst caves), Red Lantern Village (a holiday resort and rural paradise oozing with charm and beauty).Venue: Qianmu Jinhua Leisure Site (千亩金花休闲基地)Address: Dazhoufan, YaolinTown, Tonglu County (桐庐县瑶琳镇大洲畈)

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