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A Wonderland for Snoopy Lovers 2019-09-19
Chaoshan Scenic Area, enveloped by fragrant plum blossom and brightened by a pinkish hue of flowering petals, is also the location for ‘Peanuts’ 65th Anniversary of Humanity and Art Exhibition’. For dog lovers all over town Chaoshan, until June 20, has arranged a series of exhibitions to celebrate Peanuts’ lovable character ‘snoopy’.

East Garden - Exhibition of Snoopy Models

Towering above the lawns of Chaoshan’s east gardens are 65 models for you to view and photograph. These models cover all periods of snoopy, starting from its birth in the 1950s to the year 2000 and are artistically arranged in accordance to Chaoshan’s Plum Blossom Festival.

Bieyuan - Peanuts' 65th Anniversary of Humanity and Art Exhibition
Whereas the East Garden is the grounds for snoopy models, Bieyuan(别院) is dedicated to the actual publications of Snoopy. In chronological order each publication displayed in this section leads its visitors to walk towards the cartoon Kingdom of ‘Peanuts’.

The real highlight of this year’s art exhibition is the display of Charles Schulz’s manuscripts, which have never been seen before. This particular exhibition is showcased in five exhibition halls and the first is dedicated to Charles Schulz, the creator of Snoopy whilst the 2nd, 3rd and 4th uncover the development of ‘Peanuts’ during different periods of time. The last hall displays the honours Snoopy’s character has received.

Xunmei Xiaozhu(寻梦小筑) - Multifunction Hall
The Multifunction Hall is a paradise for kids and Snoopy lovers alike. In the Drawing Zone, doodle tools are available for kids to draw freely; the Reading Zone provides a wide variety of cartoon books, notably the classic Snoopy series and in the Sales Zone a wide selection of delicious Snoopy themed snacks are sold in the cutest of packs.

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