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Hangzhou – The Capital of Tea 2019-06-24
Hangzhou, known world-wide for its picturesque West Lake - a UNESCO world Heritage Site, is also recognised by many for its Longjing green tea leaves. Blessed with a favourable climate and fertile land Hangzhou, since the Tang Dynasty (618-907), has been one of the most celebrated tea production areas in China. Hangzhou is in fact home to a wide variety of teas known for their distinct colours and richer than rich flavours - three of which have been listed as the ‘Top Thirteen Teas of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644)’. In addition, profound tea culture, customs and folklores, ancient tea cultivation, tea processing skills, tea drinking and scenic tea villages all contribute to the city’s charm as the ‘Capital of Tea’.

In celebration of one of China’s much loved commodities and held annually since 2005 is the China (Hangzhou) West Lake International Tea Culture Expo. This year’s exposition, running from March 27 until June 27, will lift the lid on Hangzhou’s tea culture while covering all aspects of tea from ‘Food, Accommodation, Transportation, Tourism, Shopping and Entertainment’.

The Expo’s Opening Ceremony, also known as Longjing Kaicha Festival (Kaicha literally means the beginning of tea picking), will be being held in Hejia Village, Zhuangtang Block, Xihu District (西湖区转塘街道何家村). In the opening ceremony skilled tea growers will demonstrate how to hand-fry Longjing tea leaves and experts will perform tea ceremonies where piping hot tea is poured from a long-neck tea pot. Opportunities to sample various teas, such as West Lake Longjing Tea will also be available.

Other tea related events taking place during the festival are: the 2015 Qinghefang Folk Tea Party in Qinghefang Historical Street in mid-April, the 2015 China (Hangzhou) International Tea Expo in Zhejiang International Trade & Exhibition Center from April 17 to 19, the 4th Tea Appreciating Event in Cha Du Ming Yuan (茶都名园) from April 19 to 21 and the 2015 China Tea Industry Expo and Closing Ceremony of 2015 China (Hangzhou) West Lake International Tea Culture Expo (Fuyang*An’ding Yunwu Tea Culture Festival).

An’ding Yunwu Tea, also known as An’ding Tea is a tea grown at the top of An’ding Mountain at the northern Bank of Fuchun River

During the festival visitors can also participate in a variety of tea competitions, such as the King of West Lake Longjing Tea, 18th West Lake International Tea Party and the 2015 Folk Tea and Poem Party.

For those with a thirst for knowledge, a visit to the 2015 China (Hangzhou) Tea Expo will not only enlighten you in one of China’s most traditional and tasteful cultures but will also explain why Hangzhou is known widely as the 'Capital of Tea’.
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