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Peach Blossom Festival – Pretty in Pink 2019-09-19
Qiantao Garden (aka Thousand Peach Blossom Garden) in Gaoting Mountain Scenic Area (皋亭山风景区) is noted for its wide variety of peach blossom in all shades of pink, such as Shouxin (寿星), a blood-red, Baixue (白雪), a snowy-white and Yuanyang (鸳鸯), a mixture of white and pink colours. With 6,000 peach trees of 26 species, Qiantao Garden is home to a large number of the city’s peach trees and boasts the most number of species of peach blossom in the whole of Hangzhou downtown.

March is the season when peach blossom truly blooms and it is also the same time that the annual Gaoting Peach Blossom Festival is held. The festival kicking off in Gaoting Mountain Scenic Area will last for one month from March 21 to April 19 and besides viewing the peach blossom there are also a number of other peachy activities to get stuck into.

An exhibition of the world-class works of floral artists from various parts of China such as Taiwan, Xiamen and Shanghai will be on display as well as group dating which offers young men and women opportunity to get to know each other through various interesting activities in the hope of finding their Mr. or Mrs. Right. In Chinese culture, if someone is said to have the fate of peach blossom, that means he or she will have several pursuers. In addition you can drink peach blossom tea and camp in the campsite sheltered by an abundance of floral umbrellas of fragrant peach blossom.

What is also worth mentioning is that the 8th Hangzhou Cycling Event will be held here, where over a thousand cycling enthusiasts will be seen gathering in Gaoting Mountain Scenic Area. It is definitely exhilarating to watch cyclists ascend and descend steep and winding mountain roads flanked by blossoming peach trees.

During the festival, free buses to Gaoting Mountain Scenic Area are arranged from downtown Hangzhou.

Line 1: 
Place: Hangzhou East Railway Station and Wushan Hill
Time: weekends

Line 2:
Place: Dingqiao Bus Station (丁桥站)
Time: every 15 minutes on weekends and every 30 minutes on weekdays

Tel: (0571)86656677
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