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Lin’an - Hangzhou’s Green Garden 2019-07-16
Dubbed ‘the garden of Hangzhou city’, Lin’an is widely known for its idyllic scenery but is also praised for its excellent tourism. Home to bamboo and hickory nuts, this green and glorious county has also been recognised as a national forest city, with a dense coverage of more than 75%. This evergreen tourist spot, characterised by limpid lakes, verdant mountains, giant trees, limestone caves and dashing waterfalls, is also home to Tianmu Mountains and Qingliang Peak. The former of these two national nature reserves is listed as the world’s nature preservation - one of man and biosphere.

Zhexi Grand Canyon (浙西大峡谷)

‘Zhexi’ in Chinese means western Zhejiang and its Grand Canyon is to Zhejiang province, what the Grand Canyon is to America. Located inside Qingliang Peak National Nature Reserve (清凉峰国家级自然保护区), western Zhejiang, Zhexi Grand Canyon is praised for its best-preserved eco system and finest landscape, and is recognised as the ‘No. 1 Canyon for tourism’ for being the best of its kind throughout Zhejiang province.

Featuring a deep Canyon with swift rapids, Zhexi Grand Canyon has a narrow tourist zone of three sections that stretch for over 80 kilometers long. What’s worth mentioning is its second section that stretches from Huaguang Bridge (华光桥) to Crown Prince (太子尖) and which is the only producing area of China’s national treasure ‘chicken blood stone’ (鸡血石) - a kind of rare stone, red as chicken blood, used for engraving.
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Tianmu Mountains (天目山)

‘Tianmu’ literally means the eyes of the heaven which therefore explains the pools of water glistening on the peaks of its east and west mountains. It has been said that China’s Tianmu Mountains are the closest thing to Canada’s Sequoia National Forest, the only difference being Tianmu has towering Japanese cedars rather than an abundance of sequoia.
Tianmu Mountains are also known as ‘The natural botanical garden’ and ‘the kingdom of big trees.’ Steeped in more than 2,000 species of plants, the mountains include the last surviving wild population of Ginkgo trees and ‘Giant Tree King’ - a giant Japanese cedar, named by the Qianlong Emperor of the Qing Dynasty (1636-1912) which measures 26.5 metres in height, 2.33 metres in diameter and 42.9 cubic metres in volume. The mountain is also home to hundreds of species of birds and animals, including 39 endangered or protected species, such as the Clouded Leopard (云豹) and the Black Muntjac (黑鹿).
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Kayaking, Rafting, Swimming Pool Carnival from Day to Night2019-07-15
Qiandao Lake in summer has many to offer and to enjoy the coolness of water in the lake and mountain streams are must-have. We did a thorough research ahead of time and hereby have collected a complete water fun guide of Qiandao Lake for you! Read on to learn more...
Speical Rural Scenic Area Tourist Bus is in Operation2019-07-15
Good News! In order to improve the high-speed railway connection system and promote the construction of scenic areas in the whole region, Qiandao Lake opened its direct tourist buses to rural scenic areas on July 1. That is to say, people who are at the Qiandao Lake High-Speed Railway Station can take these buses directly to such rural scenic areas as the Xiajiang Village Scenic Area, the Shilin Scenic Area and the Jiangjia Scenic Area. These three routes pass through Fengshuling Town, Lishang Township, Shilin Town, Jieshou Village and Jiangjia Town. It will be more convenient for tourists to reach these scenic areas.
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