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Everlasting Glory - Southern Song Imperial Street 2019-07-16

Southern Song Imperial Street (南宋御街) stretches southwards, starting from the intersection of Wansong Ridge (万松岭) and ending at Shi Wu Kui Lane (十五奎巷), measuring 1,400 meters in length. Used to be a paramount avenue during the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279), it’s now a celebrated food street in Hangzhou.



In History
As the name suggests, Southern Song Imperial Street came into shape during the Southern Song Dynasty. Back then, the street was used by emperors exclusively when offering sacrifice to the ancestors and the heaven. It served as the axis of Lin’an city (the then capital and present Hangzhou city), which made it the most prosperous block and home to a half population of the city. That explains why the street enjoys such a prominent historical position in Hangzhou.



At Present

Despite its age-long history, Southern Song Imperial Street is a relatively new food street in Hangzhou. It's extremely famous for its night market which offers all sorts of snacks from different parts of China. In the daytime, it’s just an ordinary street. When night falls, the street magicked into a food paradise, teemed with people from all walks of life, food stands, colorful neon signs and old-style flag signs. Beggar's Chicken, Stinky Tofu, Wonton, Roast Sweet Potato, Lamb Shashlik ... The street has so many types of foods to offer; you may find yourself having a hard time choosing. Still, the Insect Feast in the street is something you really shouldn’t miss.



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