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Global Traveling Salesmen Step in Zhejiang 2019-01-02
Swinging in Hangzhou these days, you are likely to encounter a group of foreigners of different skin colors. Actually they are travelling salesman representatives from Germany, Canada, South Korea and etc. It is the 2nd China (Zhejiang) international travelling salesman assembly that gathers so many foreigners. Taking this opportunity, they are experiencing colorful Zhejiang delicacies, beautiful sceneries and local customs.

During the first three quarters of this year, Zhejiang province received 6,682,000 inbound tourists, increased by 6% compared with that of last year. Besides, inbound tourists from Europe have increased by 5.3%.

In the past year, tourists to Chinese mainland from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan accounted for 75.63%. At the same time, Zhejiang was the third hottest destination for their Chinese mainland tourism, second only to Guangdong and Fujian. Compared with other provinces, Zhejiang is much more distinguished in tourism resources, facilities and culture.

In addition to beautiful scenery, foreign traveling salesmen are deeply impressed by Hangzhou cuisine. Damien, the sales representative of Canada skyline travel agency, said the Hangzhou Cuisine Museum was really so great; Jin Eying from South Korea said she liked very much the Dadou Road Food Street; Lu Wuyi from the Germany Hamburg China Tour Ltd. and her friends said Hangzhou cuisine tasted so delicious that one cannot even stop.

Besides, at the Zhejiang tourism promotion meeting held yesterday, dozens of Zhejiang traveling salesman conducted negotiation with the international traveling salesman for launching a series of new tourism products and itineraries. There were 18 foreign salesmen signed contract on the spot.

According to preliminary statistics, the contracted tourist source reached 180,000 people which will bring in revenue of more than $ 100 million in Zhejiang.

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