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A Bite of Hangzhou in Food Streets 2019-11-06

As a beautiful tourism city, Hangzhou is not only famous for its scenic spots but also for its delicious food. Here are some popular Hangzhou food streets where you can explore toothsome food as well as interesting folklore culture.


1. Shengli River Food Street(胜利河美食街)
Add: No.316, Xiawan Lane, Gongshu District, Hangzhou
Tips: This 450 meters long and 13 meters wide street is a hot place to explore at night.  It is decorated with antique elements. Don’t miss the two most popular restaurants - the Laotouer Sautéed Shrimps Restaurant (老头儿油爆虾) and the Grandma’s Sports Meeting Theme Restaurant(外婆家运动会主题餐厅).



2. Fefang Street(河坊街)

Add: Hefang Street, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou (nearby Wulin Square)
Tips: It has not only a large collection of Chinese snacks but also various antique stores. A must-visit street to explore Hangzhou local snacks. It may be crowded during holidays. Don’t forget to reserve a seat before you explore delicacies. Hot restaurants: Huang Fan’er(皇饭儿), Wang Xingrun(王润兴), Zhuangyuan Guan(状元馆), etc.

3. Dadou Road Food Street(大兜路美食街)
Add: No. 162, Dadou Road, Gongshu District, Hangzhou
Tips: An antique street facing the Grand Canal, with broad view.  Hot restaurants: Green Tea(绿茶), Jiang Nan Yi(江南驿) , etc.

4. Hedong Road(河东路)
Add: Xiacheng District, Hangzhou
Tips: Noted for late supper, with the most abundant of flavors. Fish and shrimps are the leading roles here. Wenzhou Seafood and Farmer Grilled Fish is said to be the most popular restaurants.

5. Gaoyin Food Street(高银巷)
Add: No.25 Houshi Street, Hangzhou
Tips: The most famous Hangzhou food street nearby Hefang Street. There are both characteristic restaurants with low prices and time-honored traditional Hangzhou restaurants like Huang Fan’er and Zhiweiguan(知味观).

6. Southern Song Dynasty Imperial Street(南宋御街)
Add: South Zhongshan Road, Hangzhou
Tips: An exotic street integrated with different cuisines such as Fuzhou, Shanghai, Nanjing, Xi’an, Yunnan cuisines. Here are authentic Fuzhou fish bolls, Yunnan crossing-the-bridge noodles.

7. Jingzhou Road(竞舟路)
Add: South Wen’er Road, Jingzhou Road
Tips: It is said to be the hottest food street in west downtown Hangzhou. Recommended restaurants: Firewood Restaurant(柴火食坊), Qiliyangfan Wild Fish(七里扬帆野鱼馆), E Seafood(E家海鲜馆).

8. Baojiao Road(保俶路美食街)
Add: Baojiao Road, West Lake District, Hangzhou
Tips: Nearby the West Lake Scenic Area, combined with many characteristic restaurants.

9. Jinjiang Seafood Street(近江海鲜美食街)
Add: No.288, Qiutao Road, Hangzhou
Tips: Seafood stalls with outdoor tables or booths.

10. Baijingfang Lane(百井坊巷)
Add: Xiacheng District, Hangzhou
Tips: Next to Wulin Intime Department Store. Recommended restaurants: Brother Ding’s Blackfish Restaurant, Zhang Hu Li Lobster Restaurant, etc.

11. Tangqi Water North Street(塘栖水北街)
Add: Tangqi, Yuhang District, Hangzhou
Tips: Located in the northern Tangqi Water Town, this street is a cultural heritage conservation unit, where you can explore delicacies as well as beautiful sceneries.

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