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The 16th West Lake International Expo 2019-06-24
The 16th West Lake International Expo falls from Oct.17 to Nov. 7, themed with “innovative expo, beautiful Hangzhou”. In the duration, there will be 4 main thematic activities - economic and trade cooperation, science and technology exchanges, cultural experience, leisure travel, with totally 50 important projects. The 16th West Lake International Expo falls will be an “expo without walls” with 16 branch venues such as Hangzhou urban economic ring and the Yangtze River Delta.

Let's take a glimpse of the 50 projects of the West Lake Expo 2014:

1. China Hangzhou Arts and Crafts Fair 2014                                
Date: 18/9/2014-22/9/2014  
Venue: Heping International Convention and Exhibition Center

2. China International Silk & Women’s Wear Fair 2014 
Date: 11/10/2014-13/10/2014 
Venue: Shimao International Exhibition Center

3. China Global Investment Summit 2014 : Hangzhou 
Date: 16/10/2014 
Venue: Grand Hyatt Hotel

4. The 15th Hangzhou, China International Automotive Industry Exhibition  
Date: 16/10/2014-20/10/2014, 29/10/2014-2/11/2014  
Venue: Hangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center

5. The 16th Thematic Forum of the Economy, Trade, Technology  Cooperation Conference  
Date: 17/10/2014   
Venue: Zhejiang Narada Grand Hotel

6. The 2nd Top 500 Entrepreneurs Roundtable 
Date: 17/10/2014   
Venue: The Dragon Hotel

7. China New Generation Entrepreneurs Forum 2014                  
Date: 17/10/2014   
Venue: The Dragon Hotel

8. The Central and Western China Continue Industry Projects Matching Conference 2014 
Date: 17/10/2014   
Venue:  Zhejiang Narada Grand Hotel

9. The 16th Economy, Trade, Technology  Cooperation Conference 
Venue:Shimao International Exhibition Center
10. The 2014 Taiwanese Products Expo
Venue:Heping International Convention and Exhibition Center

11. World Hangzhou Business Conference 2014   
Venue:Qianjiang New City Intercontinental Hotel

12. Overseas Elite Entrepreneurship Summit 2014  
Date: 22/10/2014-24/10/2014
Venue:Zhejiang Narada Grand Hotel

13. The 21st Zhejiang Real Estate Expo  
Date: 24/10/2014-27/10/2014
Venue:Heping International Convention and Exhibition Center

14. South Korean Plastic Surgery Exhibition 
Date: 31/10/2014-2/11/2014 
Venue: Baimahu International Convention and Exhibition Center

15. The 3rd Zhejiang International Senior Services Expo
Date: 13/11/2014-17/11/2014
Venue: Heping International Convention and Exhibition Center

16. Hangzhou International Jewelry and Gem Exhibition
Date: 21/11/2014-24/11/2014
Venue:Shimao International Exhibition Center  

17. The 32nd International Economic Research Centre Conference 2014   
Date: 8/10/2014-11/10/2014 
Venue: JW Marriott Hotel Hangzhou

18. Alibaba Cloud Computing Development Conference 2014 
Date: 16/10/2014-17/10/2014 
Venue: Hangzhou Zhuantang Alibaba Cloud Entrepreneurial Innovation Base

19. The 22nd International Coverage and Transmission Conference 2014 
Date: 21/10/2014-24/10/2014  
Venue: Zhijiang Hotel

20. Hangzhou International IOT Sensor Technology and Applications Forum 2014
Date: 22/10/2014-24/10/2014  
Venue: Sanli New Century Grand Hotel

21. China(Hangzhou) International E-commerce Expo 2014
Date: 30/10/2014-2/11/2014  
Venue: Heping International Convention and Exhibition Center & Shimao International Exhibition Center
22. IOT Industry Development Forum 2014   
Date: 6/11/2014-/11-2014
Venue: Future Technology City Haichuang Park

23. International Talent Exchange and Cooperation Conference, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, 2014    
Venue:Qianjiang New City Intercontinental Hotel

24. 2014 World Health Preservation Assembly & Industrial Cooperation and Development Forum  
Venue:Hangzhou Oriental Culture Park – Golden Hall

25. Contemporary French Oil Painting Exhibition 2014  
Venue:China Wetland Museum

26. Cultural Communication Conference between the Chinese Mainland and Taiwan 
Date: 14/10/2014-15/10/2014
Venue:Hangzhou Normal University

27. Hangzhou International Sister City Mayors Conference 2014  
Date: 15/10/2014-18/10/2014
Venue:The Dragon Hotel

28. 2014 China Historical and Cultural Pavilion City Mayors Forum & the 11th Annual Symposium on Renowned Pavilions   
Date: 16/10/2014-17/10/2014
Venue: Nade Grand Hotel & Hangzhou Chenghuang Temple & Shimao International Exhibition Center
29. Cultural and Creative Industry Expo, Hangzhou, China, 2014
Date: 16/10/2014-20/10/2014  
Venue: Baimahu International Convention and Exhibition Center

30. Chinese University Student Creative Life Festival 2014
Date: 17/10/2014-19/10/2014  
Venue: Shimao International Exhibition Center
31. The 2nd International Chinese Chess Culture Exhibition 2014
Date: 18/10/2014-2/11/2014  
Venue: Hangzhou Chinese Chess Academy

32. The 3rd Cross-Strait and Three Places(Chinese mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong) Public Relations Forum & the 5th West Lake Public Relation Forum
Date: 19/10/2014-20/10/2014 
Venue: Zhijiang Hotel

33. China Hangzhou Prestigious Teachers and Principals Forum 2014
Venue:Haihua Manlong Resort & Hotel

34. 2014 Hangzhou - Asia Design Management Forum & Asia Life Innovation Exhibition  
Venue: Shimao International Exhibition Center

35. The 17th West Lake Art Expo 2014 (Autumn)   
Venue: Heping International Convention and Exhibition Center

36. Citizen Experience Day of International Sister Cities 
Date: 8/11/2014
Venue: Baimahu International Convention and Exhibition Center

37. The 7th Hangzhou Livable Life Festival 
Date: 27/9/2014-17/11/2014
Venue: New Era Home Life Plaza

38. “Charming Autumn” Leisure Shopping Festival 2014  
Date: 1/10/2014-30/11/2014
Venue: main business enterprises in Jianggan District, Hangzhou

39. The 16th China International West Lake  Dahongying Rose Wedding Ceremony
Date: 6/10/2014   
Venue: Hangzhou canal bank & West Lake Broken Bridge & Bai Causeway & Qianwang Temple, Liulangwenying, etc

40. The 15th china (Hangzhou) Gourmet Festival  
Date: 9/10/2014-11/10/2014
Venue: Wushan Square, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou

41. The 9th China International Leisure Industry  Expo
Date: 10/10/2014-13/10/2014
Venue: Heping International Convention and Exhibition Center

42. 2014 Hangzhou Wushan Temple Fair & the 5th Southern Song Imperial Street International Tourism Culture Art Festival
Date: 16/10/2014-26/10/2014
Venue: Wushan Square & Southern Song Imperial Street pedestrian area & Qinghefang(清河坊)

43. West Lake Expo International Tourism Festival 2014
Date: 16/10/2014-8/11/2014
Venue: Hangzhou and its sub-districts

44. The 16th West Lake Expo China Hangzhou Citizens Leisure Festival
Date: 16/10/2014-8/11/2014 (16/10/2014-19/10/2014, thematic activities in Wushan scenic area)
Venue: Wushan scenic area and other districts

45. The 6th West Lake Beauty Festival  
Date: 17/10/2014   
Venue: Yongjin Square

46. The 1st China Grand Canal Temple Fair 2014  
Date: 18/10/2014-21/10/2014 
Venue: Grand Canal Square & Gongchen Bridge – Dengyun Bridge & Xiangji Temple wharf and square

47. China(Hangzhou) International Computer Festival 2014  
Date: 24/10/2014-26/10/2014   
Venue: outfield of Ego Digital shop No.4 (颐高数码四店外场)

48. China(Hangzhou) Leisure Development International Forum 2014 
Date: 27/10/2014-28/10/2014 
Venue: Jiande Peninsula Kaihao Grand Hotel (建德半岛凯豪大酒店)

49. Hangzhou Song Dynasty Chrysanthemum Art Festival
Date: 28/10/2014-31/11/2014 
Venue: Hangzhou Botanical Garden

50. The 4th China West Lake International Magic Exchange Conference
Date: 7/11/2014-10/11/2014
Venue: Hangzhou Red-Star Culture Plaza, Zhejiang Great Hall of the People
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