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Old Memories of the Grand Canal 2019-01-02
Hangzhou, as the southmost city of the over-one-thousand-year Beijing-Hangzhou Canal, was born and thrived for it. With time passing by, it has changed a lot, but the old Grand Canal still lingers and will continue to linger in Hangzhounese's mind. To recall this history, let's take a look at its nine landmark scenic spots.

Fengshanshui City Gate (凤山水城门)
It is the only old city gate existent now in Hangzhou and used to be the artery connecting Qiantang River (钱塘江) with the Grand Canal. There used to be many old city gates around Hangzhou. However, most of them were destroyed in the half-century activity of getting rid of old city gates and Fengshanshui City Gate is the only one survived.

Fuyicang (富义仓)
Fuyicang by the Grand Canal witnessed the past glorious period of Hangzhou. It was the place where grain in southern China was transferred to northern China and the distribution place of Hangzhou grain. It is renowned as "the Granary of China" and symbolized the well-off life of old Hangzhounese. Now it has become the home to over 11 creative culture and arts enterprises, a god-given place to enjoy opera, participate in various culture ceremonies and join fashion parties etc.

Gongchen Bridge (拱宸桥)

Gongchen Bridge spans the Grand Canal for over three hundred years and marks the end point of the Grand Canal in Hangzhou. It was originally built in 1631 during the Ming Dynasty, and rebuilt in 1888 during the Qing Dynasty. It was the grandest stone bridge in Hangzhou. Now, the bridge is still serving its role connecting the banks of the Grand Canal. By Gongchen Bridge, there are also China Fan Museum, China Knife, Scissors and Sword Museum, China Umbrella Museum and China Grand Canal Museum, offering visitors a chance to get to know the culture of the Grand Canal from a more specific perspective.

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