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Hunting for Delicacies — Xinyifang Food Street Ⅱ 2019-06-10
Shuiyu Lanting (水御兰庭)
The decoration of the restaurant is impressive: It's a courtyard house with white walls, black tiles, and large glass ceiling. Elements of Buddhism can also be seen in the restaurant. The restaurant is renowned for its various homemade chicken dishes, prepared out of home-raised chicken which feed on corn.

Average Price: CNY 50-80

Grand Canal•Cuiyuehui (运河•翠越会)
The restaurant offers its customers many unique experiences like enjoying a tea ceremony, participating in art and culture exchange etc. It creatively blends cultures of the Grand Canal and ceramics with its restaurant culture. About the food, the restaurant concentrates on seafood dishes from the coastal area of Zhejiang and Cantonese Cuisine. It goes out of its way to satisfy its customers by specially inviting two famed cooks from Taizhou (台州) to make various types of Taizhou dim sum.

Average Price: CNY 100-300

Grand Canal A Er (运河阿二)
The restaurant is a grand canal version of Jiangnan A Er (江南阿二). The owner utilizes elements of traditional handicrafts of China into its decoration. In the restaurant, you can see various masterpieces, such as bamboo ceiling, vine lamps, mud stoves, wooden windows carved with exquisite patterns and stairs decorated with blue and white porcelains (镶青花瓷的楼梯) etc.

Jiangnan-style homemade dishes and crock pot soups are must-try. The soup is of diverse kinds, catering to every taste. The restaurant is advantageously located by the Grand Canal. When the weather is fine, you can enjoy your meal outside while enjoying the scenery of the Grand Canal, watching ships loaded with goods passing by.

Average Price: CNY 60

Hunting for Delicacies — Xinyifang Food Street
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