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Hunting for Delicacies in Shengli River Food Street Ⅱ 2019-08-01
Laotouer Sautéed Shrimps (老头儿油爆虾)
The restaurant got its name from its former boss - widely known as "Laotourer (老头儿: the elder man)", who used to cook sautéed shrimps for his customers personally. For its unique sautéed shrimps, the restaurant has ranked as one of the popular restaurants in Hangzhou. The present restaurant is run by his nephew, a creative young man, who adds new elements such as drinks and desserts etc into the restaurant, having enhanced the dining experience.

Average Price: CNY 35 per person

Xiaoshaoxin (小绍欣)
The restaurant is mainly about Shaoxing Dish (绍兴菜: a main branch of Zhejiang Cuisine). The one on Shengli River Food Street is its fifth branch in Hangzhou. The two must-try dishes in Xiaoshaoxin are Shrimps Cooked with Meigancai (干菜河虾) and Stinky Tofu with Minced Meat (肉末臭豆腐). These two dishes are prepared out of two signature food of Shaoxing City (绍兴市)— Stinky Tofu and Meigancai (霉干菜: a kind of preserved vegetables native to Shaoxing City).

Average Price: CNY 50 — CNY 60

Xufu Niuza (许府牛杂)
Xufu Niuza enjoys an advantageous location in Shengli River Food Street. It’s the first restaurant you will come across in the Street. The restaurant is renowned for its dishes prepared out of beef entrails. The ingredients are carefully selected, and cooking procedures are complex. The soup alone is made by stewing fresh cattle bones, ribs and beef in an iron pot over a slow fire for 12 hours. Multiple herbal medicines, peppers and seasonings are also added into the soup to enhance the flavor of beef entrails.

Average Price: CNY 40

Xiangshan Seafood (象山海鲜)
If you are looking for a place to enjoy seafood, Xiangshan Seafood is definitely your choice. There are over 120 kinds of seafood available in this restaurant. Dishes can’t be fresher here, for all the dishes are cooked straightly after the ingredients are picked by customers from the seafood tanks.

Average Price: CNY 50 — CNY 60

Hunting for Delicacies in Shengli River Food Street
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