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Hunting for Delicacies in Shengli River Food Street 2019-11-06
As a food paradise in China, Hangzhou never lacks places to satisfy one’s palate. Starting from Shengli River Food Street, let's hunt these places down one by one.

Shengli River Food Street (胜利河美食街): It is a household name in Hangzhou. The place is teemed with various delicacies from different parts of China. The following restaurants are the best Shengli River Food Street can offer.


Gushi Tower (沽食楼)

The restaurant is a branch of Wanjia Hotel (万佳大酒店) in Desheng Road (德胜路), which stands out for its unparalleled Hangbangcai (杭帮菜: Hangzhou Cuisine). Based on Hangbangcai, the restaurant has developed a school of its own by blending characteristics of different cuisines together.

Average Price: around CNY 60 per person

Chuan Wei Guan (川味观)

Chuan Wei Guan is one of the few places in Hangzhou to enjoy Sichuanese Cuisine and its renowned hot pot. The Shengli River branch has some 60 tables, and can accommodate about 300 people at the same time. In the restaurant, there is no sign of menus. Instead, you will find a large wall with the names of dishes written in stylish modern calligraphy. Most people come to the restaurant for its hot pot, the soup base of which is prepared out of over 50 Chinese herbal medicines. It's really a treat to eat, sweat and chat with friends over the hot pot.

Average price: around CNY45 per person

Taiji Shifu (泰记食府)

The specialties of the restaurant is Waguanji (瓦罐鸡: a dish made by stewing a hen with ribs in a crock for four hours), and Shiguoyu (石锅鱼, a dish by cooking a fish in a stone pot with other spicy seasonings). For its complex producing procedures, Waguanji is sold in a limited number. If you are interested, you’d be better go there early. Shiguoyu is of large portion. White fish setting off by red duck blood, white tofu, brown mushrooms and various ingredients of different color is more than an appetizing dish, but a piece of art. Its recipe is said to be exclusively known to the cook in the restaurant.

Average Price: CNY 35 — CNY45 per person

Hunting for Delicacies in Shengli River Food Street Ⅱ
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Hunting for Delicacies — Xinyifang Food Street Ⅱ
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