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Hangzhou newly opens up its international direct flights 2019-01-02
In 2014,Hangzhou has newly opened up several international direct flights such as the direct flights to Moscow and Paris.

Previously, Hangzhou is connected to hot travel destinations including Bali (Indonesia), Jeju (Korea), Doha (Qatar) and Chiengmai (Thailand). As Hangzhou keeps gaining its international fame and recognition, its outbound travel industry keeps booming as well.Now the demand of direct international flights skyrockets.  There are also an increasing number of international travelers who would like to travel to Hangzhou. The new open-up and operation of international direct flights makes it much more convenient for these people.


At the beginning of July in 2014, the direct flights from Hangzhou to Moscow have been put into operation.The aircrafts used are Boeing 777 200 ER, which can accommodate nearly 364 passengers.It takes only 8 hours to fly from Hangzhou to Moscow.

The flight information is listed as below,

R2137 7:00a.m. Moscow→19:55 Hangzhou (every Saturday)
R2138 12:30a.m. HangzhouMoscow 16:30 (every Sunday) 
The price of a round-trip ticket ranges from 7000 to 7500 RMB.


From 3rd September, 2014, Hainan Airline opens up its flights from Hangzhou to Paris, which make a stopover in Xi’an.

The flight information is listed as below,

HU7907 21:15 Hangzhou23:40 Xi’an
                1:40a.m Xi'an7:35 Paris     
                (every Thursday and Sunday)

HU7908 14:25 Paris7:00 Xi’an
                9:00a.m. Xi'an11:05 Hangzhou  
               (every Thursday and Sunday)

In the early time, customers can buy tickets at a discount, which only cost 5900 RMB for a round trip per person, with tax included. The flight provides customers with comfortable business seats on which they can lie down comfortably (in 180 degrees).The seat also offers gentle massages.

Los Angeles

Recently the cargo flights of Guangzhou—Hangzhou—Los Angeles have been established by China Southern Airlines. This is the first cargo flight connecting Hangzhou and the United States. This open-up significantly contributes to the gradual formation of a sophisticated intercontinental route network of Asia, Europe and North America.

In 2014, Hangzhou also aims to open up the direct flights to Los Angeles, Sri Lanka and Maldives.
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