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A Unique Beer Carnival Enhanced by the Intoxicating Fragrance of Lotus Flowers 2019-01-02
Summer is the world of lotus flowers. With lotus flower festivals springing up in numerous areas, the 3rd Pipa Bay Lotus Flower Festival raised its curtain. The festival is held till August 30 in Pipa Bay Eco-park (琵琶湾生态园). What’s unique about the festival is that it breaks with the tradition, creatively combining the traditional lotus flower viewing with a beer carnival, where visitors can relax and enjoy themselves to the fullest.

Pipa Bay Eco-park is located in the over-one-thousand-year Tangqi Ancient Town, 30 kilometers away from Hangzhou and 200 kilometers from Shanghai. Next to Jiaxing-Huzhou-Hangzhou Highway (申嘉湖杭高速) and 320 National Highway (320国道), it boasts of convenient transportation. The Pipa Bay Eco-park features a lotus pond of almost 100 mu (1 mu = 666.6 sqm), with lotus flowers of dozens of species. When summer comes, much of the surface of the pond is decorated with lush green lotus leaves and pink lotus flowers, which are swaying gently in the summer breeze. It’s the best summer scene ever.

During the festival, Pipa Bay Eco-park comes up with a wealth of amazing activities, among which, the Lotus Flower Beer and BBQ Carnival (荷风啤酒烧烤狂欢节) is definitely worth a mention. Held on every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday till August 30, visitors in the carnival can join in a large number of activities such as enjoying beach BBQ, drinking cool beer to their satisfaction, dancing in bonfire party and recalling the past in an open-air film. The admission fee to the carnival is reasonable, at a price of 98 Yuan per person. So, what are you waiting for?

Address: Shaojiaba Village, Tangqi Ancient Town, Yuhang District, Hangzhou (杭州市余杭区塘栖镇邵家坝村)
Tel: 86-571-86317778

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Pipa Bay Eco-park

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