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Refresh yourself this summer in Jinfeng County, Chun’an, Hangzhou. 2019-01-02
Situated in the centre of Chun’An County, Jinfeng village(金峰乡), has mushroomed into a travel hotspot in recent years, due to its unforgettable scenery and unique customs.

 hangzhou attraction-jinfeng county  hangzhou attractions-jinfeng county

Jinfeng Canyon Drifting Area

hangzhou attraction-canyon drifting area hangzhou canyon drifting

9 km from Qiandao Lake Town (千岛湖镇) is Jinfeng Canyon Drifting Area(金峰峡谷漂流景区), famous for the heart pounding kayaking unrivalled in south China. This scenic journey passing along watercourses amid lush forests seamlessly blends nature, outdoor fun, and folklore customs into a whole package.

Jinfeng canyon kayaking combines soothing ride with thrilling fun. In one moment, you drift down the peaceful watercourse leisurely, and in another moment, you pass by a 36m-high waterfall.

Add to the pristine and unique scenery are simple customs, colorful traditions, and rich cultural heritage.

Zhujia Village is a kingdom of verdant forests surrounded by interlacing streams and dotted with serene valleys. Expect to see giant trees. The
ancient twin maple trees, regarded as “the first maple in East China”, as well as the thousand-year-old Chinese Torreya tree, are visual spectacles.

The Annual Pig Head Competition


The ancestor of Jinfeng County(金峰乡) is Zhudan(朱澹), the 4th grandson of Zhu Xi(朱熹1130-1200), a famous Song Dynasty Confucian scholar.

The 800-year-old folkways—“Pig Head Competition “is well preserved and promoted” . It is annually hosted at 3:00 am on the 6th day of the 1st lunar month, to commemorate Zhu Xi and Zhu Dan. Waking up to the sound of Gong, every family will flock into the Zhu Family Ancestral Hall, with elaborately decorated pig head in hand. Traditionally, this hall is decorated with lanterns and colored tapestries. Villagers put the pig heads in front of the portraits of their ancestors such as Zhu Xi, then light the joss sticks and candles, display the fireworks, and bend the knees in obeisance. This ritual is followed by a quaint music performance, involving lesser-known traditional Chinese music instruments such as Gong and drums. The atmosphere is both solemn and infectious.

After breakfast, all these pig heads will be evaluated and rated. Those with the biggest size and the most beautiful decorating will be awarded as “ the king of pig heads”, and the owner will be gifted with a sum of money, as well as some New Year Paintings(年画).

After lunch, villagers will sweep their ancestors’ tombs and bring their pig heads home. It is until the 15th day of the 1st lunar month, which is the Lantern Festival (元宵节), that they will start to enjoy their pig head meals.

From the 13th to the 15th day of the 1st lunar month, Jinfeng Village(金峰村) comes alive with colorful activities such as opera shows, Lion Dance, Jump the Bamboo Horse(跳竹马Tiao Zhu Ma) and Dragon Dance(撑龙灯Cheng Long Deng). At that time, the whole village is bustling with joy.

The signature folklore performance: “Pig Head Competition”(赛猪头) unique to Zhujia Village(朱家村), has become the highlight of Countryside Trip of Chun’an County(淳安).
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