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Old-brand Shops in Hangzhou Proper 2019-08-01

Hangzhou ‘old-brands’, authorised by People's Government of Hangzhou, refer to reputable products, skills or services of long history and are recognised by all for their quality, culture and local characteristics.

Zhang Xiaoquan Scissors 张小泉 


Originally founded by Zhang Sijia (张思家) more than 300 years ago, Zhang Xiaoquan Scissors were produced using the famous Longquan steel (龙泉钢) and are now known as being the best in China. Following in his father’s creative footsteps, Zhang Xiaoquan improved the processing techniques and in doing so established the brand ‘Zhang Xiaoquan Scissors’.

With outstanding features Zhang Xiaoquan Scissors earned wide popularity and became one of the ‘Five Prestigious Brands of Hangzhou’. During the reign of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty (1735 – 1796), Zhang Xiaoquan Scissors were accepted as the imperial tribute. In addition they also won prizes in many international competitions like the Nanyang Quanye Exposition and the Panama World Exposition.

This ‘old-brand’ not only cuts deep into Hangzhou’s history but also sharpens the way we see Zhang Xiaoquan Scissors in today’s modern society.

Add: No.158, Hefang Street (河坊街158号)
Tel: (0571)88033112



Wang Xing Ji Fan Shop 王星记 

Since ancient times Hangzhou has been known as ‘the City of Fan-making’ and the gathering place for many famous fan artisans. Among these is Wang Xingzhai (王星斋) who in 1875 established Wang Xing Ji Fan Factory in Qinghefang Street (清和坊). The fans produced by Wang Xing Ji Fan Factory cover 13 main categories and include over 300 kinds and 2,000 different designs. Some of these include black-paper fans, sandalwood fans, silk fans, white-paper fans, feather fans and drama fans and out of them all, it is the black-paper fans and sandalwood fans that are the most prestigious. The black-paper fans were the imperial tribute and have won many awards in Italy, Panama, and the West Lake “World Expo”.

Wang Xing Ji Fan shop is an ‘old-brand’ and one that breezes you elegantly through the history and culture of Hangzhou’s much loved commodity.  

Add: No.70, Kaixuan Road (凯旋路70号)
Tel: 0571-86521577


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No.188, Fuchun Road, Hangzhou, China
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