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Taking Subway to Taste Hangzhou Delicacies 2019-06-24

Hangzhou’s subway line 1 runs between Xiang Lake and Linping, passing through downtown Hangzhou. Among the 31 stops along this line, five of these are home to some of Hangzhou’s most famous restaurants. 



West Lake Cultural Square (西湖文化广场)

Within a 200 meter radius of the square you will find a number of popular restaurants and shops selling all kinds of snacks.  It is also a favourite spot for locals to enjoy their midnight treats.

Recommended Restaurants: Xin BaiLu Restaurant (新白鹿餐厅), Yueshun Restaurant (粤顺餐厅), Linglong Town (玲珑小镇), Chuan Wei Guan (川味观)

Wulin Square (武林广场)

Wulin Square is the most prosperous square in Hangzhou, surrounded by tall buildings and shopping malls it is also noted for its large variety of restaurants. Whether you are looking for a quick snack, a leisurely lunch or a business dinner, Wulin Square oozes with taste and charm as well as provides the ultimate shopping experience. 

Recommended Restaurants: Laotou Sauteed Shrimps (老头油爆虾), Xique Restaurant (喜鹊餐厅), Chenshengji Crossing-bridge Rice Noodle Restaurant (陈生记过桥米线).

 Longxiang Bridge (龙翔桥)

Located only a street away from the famous West Lake, Longxiang Bridge is recognised for its array of fancy restaurants.  Set in an advantageous location in Yan'an Road (延安路), next to Pinghai Road (平海路) and Dongpo Road (东坡路), it is no wonder it is always packed with locals and tourists, having all flocked from the West Lake’s charms. Please note restaurant reservations are necessary.

Recommended Restaurants: Zhi Wei Guan (知味观), Hubin 28 Restaurant (湖滨28餐厅), Cai Zhi Zhai (采芝斋) etc.

Fengqi Road (凤起路)

Fengqi Road borders Wulin Road (武林女装街), AKA Fashion Street, to the west and Hai'er Lane (孩儿巷) to the east. These two lanes feature a surprising amount of small and unique restaurants.

Recommended Restaurants: Zhouhuang Theme Restaurant (粥皇概念餐厅), Wulin Road Food Square (武林路美食广场) etc.

 Dingan Road (定安路)

Dingan Road is located closely to Yan'an Road, with Wushan Square (吴山广场) and He Fang Street (河坊街) to the south and the Southern Song Imperial Street (南宋御街) to the east. He Fang Street is renowned not only for its souvenirs and gift shops but also for its large number of local dishes and tasty snacks.  A great location and the perfect place in which to experience Hangzhou’s food, folk culture and remarkable history.

Recommended Restaurants: Shankui Japanese Restaurant (山葵日本料理), Ganli Restaurant (港丽酒家) etc.
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