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Animation festival hosts wide range of activities 2019-01-02

The 10th China International Cartoon and Animation Festival begins today. Together with the main venue, Baima Lake Cartoon and Animation Square, 10 other sub-venues will host events in what organizers are calling a “travel trail.” Here’s a quick rundown of these venues and the events they will host during the festival.

China Academy of Art

The China Academy of Art is considered the country’s top art university known for its prestigious professors including the Pritzker Pri ze winner, Wang Shu. Its Nanshan and Xiangshan campuses in Hangzhou were designed by Wang and are known for their stylish architectural beauty.

During the festival, cartoon and animation companies from around the nation will flock to the Nanshan campus in search of cartoon designers, illustrators and other professionals to hire.

Date: Through May 3
Address: 218 Nanshan Rd


Hangzhou Youth and Children’s Center

The center is hosting the Ninth Tianyan Award China International Children Cartoon Competition on Wednesday. Famous caricaturist Cai Zhizhong and other professional cartoonists will serve as judges.
A total of 36,769 pictures from 24 countries and regions have been entered in the competition. Also, a collection of prize-winning works will be displayed during the festival.

Date: Through May 3
Address: 22 Zhaoqingsili St

Peasant Paradise

This is the fourth year Peasant Paradise agricultural theme park is hosting a festival event. In the past three years, it won the Best Parallel Session award.

A carnival built around the animated “Boonie Bears” TV show is underway. The park has been transformed into a forest inhabited by the popular Boonie Bear characters.

Date: Through May 3
Address: Liangzhu Farmland,Yuhang District
Admission: 120 yuan (US$19) per adult; 180 yuan for an adult and one child under 1.5 meters; and 320-380 yuan for two adults and one child under 1.5 meters (depending on attractions).


Phoenix Creative International Park
The park is hosting a summit. It is next to the Xiangshan campus of the China Academy of Art.
The park is located in the 28,000-square-meter area formerly used for manufacturing concrete. The site has kept to former factory’s huge chimneys, rusty steel stairs and all sorts of obsolete factory equipment.
Date: April 30
Address: 1 Chuanyi Rd, Zhuantang,Xihu District

Zhejiang University of Media and Communications

The highlight event here is a seiyu competition. Seiyu is a Japanese word that refers to voice actors. Besides acting as narrators and performing voice-overs for movies and television programs, seiyu actors are used to voice characters in cartoons and animated films. Professional and amateur dubbing actors from 51 universities will compete for prizes.
Date: Today
Address: 998 Xueyuan St

ZN Shopping Mall

This new complex belongs to Zhejiang ZN Animation Company, which has produced almost 1,000 hours of animation programming that has been sold in over 60 countries and regions.

The complex has a water screen cinema, 4D cinema, 5D cinema and XD cinema. At a cost of more than 100 million yuan, the XD cinema features chairs that shake, light sensations, air blasts and smells.

Date: Through May 3
Address: 1088 Jiangnan Ave

Zhongshan Road N.

Zhongshang Road N. is dotted with clothing shops, DIY stores, boutiques and design studios. It is considered the ideal street for a parade along with animation exhibition.

Although it is only a festival sub-venue, the number of visitors nearly matches those at Baima Lake Cartoon and Animation Square. The annual float parade attracts thousands of fans.

Date: Through May 3

National Wetland Museum of China
The museum covers an area of 20,200 square meters. It serves as China’s only museum combining wetlands with entertainment, education and fascinating displays. During the festival, a series of classic animated films like “Ice Age,” “Kungfu Panda” and “The Lion King” will be screened. Folk shadow puppetry and magical cartoon dramas will also be held.

Date: May 1
Address: 402 Tianmushan Rd


Tonglu County

Tonglu is in the northwest of Zhejiang Province, and features mountainous villages and forest parks. The highlight here is a jackstraw design competition.

Date: Through May

Jiande County

With a history stretching back thousands of years, the small county of Jiande offers a myriad of tourist attractions, from an ancient Buddha statue to a reservoir.

Date: Through May

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