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Enjoy Pastoral Lifestyle in Tonglu, Hangzhou 2019-07-16

As a county under the jurisdiction of Hangzhou city, Tonglu (桐庐) has been well-known for its remarkable landscape since ancient times. In 2006, Tonglu was honored as one of “International Garden Cities”. With the arrival of spring, Tonglu is full of idyllic beauty: orderly arranged orchards with ripe fruits, winding paths, rows of farmhouses and grasses and trees sending forth fragrance. Here, you can set your mind free and put your worries aside.


Here is a map of Tonglu fruit-picking.





late April or early May
Recommended Places:

 Shuangwu Village, Baijiang Town (百江镇双坞村)

 Tel: 13777397235


 Shuangxi Village, Hengcun Town (横村镇双溪村)

 Tel: 13083993757


 Jiuling Village, Hengcun Town (横村镇九岭村)

 Tel: 13600535818


 Qingyun Shanzhuang (青云山庄)

 Tel: 13336075320

 Add: Damai Village, Tongjun Street (桐君街道大脉村)



Recommended Place:

Taiyangshan Ecological Farm (太阳山生态农庄)

 Tel: 13116721778

 Add: Jinniu Village, Chengnan Street (城南街道金牛村山脚)


May — June
Recommended Places:

 Dawantan, Gaofeng Village, Zhongshan Village (钟山乡高峰村大湾滩)

 Tel: 13082851225


 Donghui Village, Baijiang Town (百江镇东辉村)

 Tel: 18758188529



Honey Peach
May — October
Recommended Place:

 Yangshanfan Village, Hengcun Town (横村镇阳山畈村)

 Tel: 13486388116


Red Bayberry
middle June
Recommended Places:


 Taiyangshan Ecological Farm

 Tel: 13116721778

 Add: Jinniu Village, Chengnan Street

 Qiancun Village, Jiangnan Town (江南镇前村村)

 Tel: 13157100882


 Xiaojing Village, Baijiang Town (百江镇小京村)

 Tel: 15258804638



Honeydew Melon

Time: June, July and September
Recommended Place:

 Duyu Village, Hengcun Town (横村镇杜于村)

 Tel: 13362188601



July — August
Recommended Places:

 Sanyecao Farm (三叶草农庄)

 Tel: 13646841218

  Add: Renzhi Village, Chengnan Street (城南街道仁智村)

 Guiyuan Tianju (归园田居)

 Tel: 13906817525

  Add: Sanxin Village, Fengchuang Street (凤川街道三鑫村)

 Dashi Village, Zhongshan Town (钟山乡大市村)

 Tel: 13968014783


 Yangshanfan Village, Hengcun Town (横村镇阳山畈村)

 Tel: 13486388116



Recommended Place:

 Luoshan Village, Baijiang Town (百江镇罗山村)

 Tel: 18968166283




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