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Indulging Your Palate in Gongshu District and Grand Canal Food Festival 2019-01-02



At 18:30 on April 18th, the 5th Hangzhou Gongshu District and Grand Canal Food Festival is about to raise its curtain with a wonderful ceremony in Shengli River Food Street (胜利河美食街). The festival lasts for eighteen days till May 5th. The theme of the festival is to promote the Grand Canal’s applying for the World Heritage Site and present friends from home and abroad with the delicacies of Gongshu District (拱墅区). Compared with previous food festivals, 2014 Hangzhou Gongshu District and Grand Canal Food Festival is larger, lasts longer and provides more colorful activities.


Photos from previous food festivals




Qiandaohu Beer Carnival
Venue: Central Square in Shengli River Food Street
Time: April 18th
Highlights: Beer Championship and Dancing & Singing Performance


Exhibition of Hangzhou Renowned Dim Sum
Venue: West Square of Yunheshang Street (运河上街)
Time: April 18th – April 20th


Feast of Unique Dishes Prepared out of Cattle
Venue: Dadou Road (大兜路)
Time: April 26th
Highlights: Visitors can experience traditional Chinese farming culture and taste dishes prepared out of different parts of cattle. The feast provides over 20 kinds of dishes. Tables piled high with different dishes are laid end to end to form a 450-meter-long line. It can provide seats for 1,099 people to dine at the same time.


Traditional Wedding Banquet in the Grand Canal
Venue: Xiaohe Straight Street (小河直街)
Time: April 26th- May 5th
Highlights: The activity consists of two parts: Traditional Wedding Ceremony and Traditional Wedding Banquet. Visitors get to know the wedding custom of villagers living in Xiaohe Straight Street and enjoy opera.


Food Appraisal
Venue: Xinyi Fang (信义坊)
Time: April 29th
Highlights: Cooks will show their cooking skills on the scene and visitors are invited to rank the dishes provided by different competitors.


Cooking Competition
Venue: Xitang River (西塘河)
Time: April 29th – May 3rd
Highlights: While enjoying the competition, visitors can taste over 20 authentic Taiwanese snacks.


Qiaoxi Delicacies
Venue: Qiaoxi Straight Street (桥西直街)
Time: April 18th – May 5th


Fashion Food Festival
Venue: Intime City (银泰城)
Time: May 1st – May 3rd


Tasting Delicacies for Free
Venue: Shengli River Food Street
Time: May 5th

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