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Top Five Cycling Routes in Hangzhou 2019-04-01

Winter in Hangzhou is not freezing, but can be really cold. To find a fitting place to  ride a bike will definitely will warm you up in no time. Here are five recommended places to cycle.

Route One -- Longjing Road (龙井路)

Distance: about 10 kilometers



Longjing Road to cycling enthusiasts is like the “pilgrim’s path”. An obstacle course of winding bends, steep slopes and bumpy curves, this adventurous ride is not for the faint hearted. In addition, the route is perfect for cycling at night, however dress appropriately and pay attention to the slopes and curves as well as any other vehicles.


Route Two -- Jingshan Mountain (径山)

Distance: about 18 kilometers



The 800-meter-high Jingshan Mountain is located inside Yuhang district (余杭区), 60 kilometers from downtown Hangzhou. The chosen route ascends directly from the top of the mountain and takes you on a zig-zagging journey of curves and u-turns. Be careful when cycling downhill and helmets are essential.

Route Three -- Shili Langdang (十里琅珰)

Distance: about 5 kilometers



Both exciting and challenging this route requires cyclists to ride mountain ridges around the West Lake. Along the route there are many slopes, several stretches of narrow pebble stone roads and even steps. You will constantly need to get off the bicycle and carry it; however there are pavilions throughout the way for restoring your energy.


Route Four -- Zhijiang Road (之江路)

Distance: about 25 kilometers



 Zhijiang Road

 Wentao Road


A classic uphill and downhill route for cyclists, the highest point is at the entrance of Meiling Tunnel and then from then on it’s downhill all the way. A popular haunt for Hangzhou cyclists and the perfect way to kick start the day.


Route Five -- Wentao Road (闻涛路)

Distance: about 11 kilometers


Wentao Road faces Zhijiang Road across the Qiantang River. It has relatively less traffic and is suitable for both leisurely cycling and racing. The route is also nice for night cycling; however, headlights and tail-lights are essential in warning passing vehicles.

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