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Hangzhou - The World of Flowers 2019-09-19

In Hangzhou, it’s in March and April that willows begin to bud and various kinds of flowers compete for beauty. All these make this heavenly city more attractive than ever. If Hangzhou wasn’t on your holiday schedule during the period, it’s highly possible that you let a fabulous spring slip through your fingers. Here recommends a map of Hangzhou flowers-viewing.



Plum Blossom
As it’s getting warmer and warmer, plum blossom is about to withdraw from the competition. For those who haven’t viewed its beauty yet, you’d better hurry.


Where to go:
Lingfeng (灵峰); Chaoshan (超山); Solitary Hill; Nine Creeks (九溪). 


Peach Blossom
The places to view peach blossom in Hangzhou are more than a few. A stroll around West Lake, you’d see abundant pink and white peach blossoms. The flowering period of peach blossom is about half a month, and it blooms most vibrantly around Tomb-sweeping Day (April 5 or April 4).


Where to go:
Bai Causeway and Su Causeway; Maoxiang Shuiqing (茅乡水情) and Eight Scenes of Longjing (龙井八景);


Cherry Blossom

Early April is the best time to view cherry blossom. It’s a special treat to watch the petals of cherry blossom flying around in the breeze.


Where to go:
Orioles Singing in the Willows; Prince Bay Park; Hangzhou Botanical Park; Viewing Fish at Flower Pond; Solitary Hill; Bai Causeway and Su Causeway.


Cole Flower
Where to go:
Eight Diagram Field (八卦田); Zilai Cave on Jade Emperor Mountain (紫来洞).


Pear Blossom

Where to go:
Haohu Bay (浴鹄湾);  Longjing Road

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