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Recommended Destinations in Hangzhou during the Early Spring 2019-11-06

Located in Xiaoshan District (萧山区), Hangzhou, Jinhua Town (进化镇) is noted for its excellent ecological environment and picturesque scenery. All the year round, Jinhua Town is pervaded with intoxicating fragrance of flowers: peach blossom in spring, lotus flower in summer, osmanthus in autumn and plum blossom in winter. In addition, Jinhua Town is the place where one third of ancient trees in Xiaoshan are located, and the most primitive creature: freshwater jellyfish and the footprints of clouded leopard were found. The advantageous ecological resources blessed Jinhua Town with pleasant scenery and abundant cultural resources.


Dayan Mountain Scenic Resort (大岩山风景旅游度假区)

Dayan Mountain is located in the southeast of Xiaoshan District. It’s said that Dayan Mountain used to be the center of a volcanic group which erupted hundreds of millions of years ago. Nowadays, Dayan Mountain is covered with various odd-shaped rocks, most of which are volcanic rocks. Enveloped by hills and lush green bamboos, Dayan Mountain is one of district-level forest parks in Xiaoshan, part of which is primeval forest, inhabited by wild animals.



On Dayan Mountain, there is a Dayan Temple (大岩寺). Originally built in 945, Dayan Temple has been rebuilt for many times. According to historical records, its founder was the Indian eminent monk Master Baozhang (宝掌法师) — the founder of the Middle Tianzhu Temple and its construction was supervised by the son of Yuchi Gong (尉迟恭) — the “Lord Protector” of the Tang Dynasty (618–907).


Shengjiawu (盛家坞)
Speaking of the best place to view plum blossom in Xiaoshan, Jinhua Town is second to none. For its almost-one-thousand-year history of planting green plum, Jinhua Town is regarded as the home of green plum in Xiaoshan District. In Jinhua Town, the planting area of plum blossom adds up to 10,000 mu (about 6,666,666 square meters). During early spring when plum blossoms in Shengjiawu are in full bloom, they look like floating clouds, decorating verdant mountains, reflected in crystal-clear water.



After viewing plum blossom, it’s also nice to wait by the water to get a glimpse of the beautiful freshwater jellyfish in Shengjiawu Reservoir. It was in 2006 that freshwater jellyfish was first found in Shengjiawu. The freshwater jellyfish is round in shape, with the big one like a one-Yuan coin, and little one like soya bean.


Cultural Heritages
About one third of historical and cultural sites in Xiaoshan District are in Jinhua Town, such as Kiln Site of the Spring and Autumn Period (771-476 BC), the Birthplace of Ge Yunfei (葛云飞) — a famous national hero served in the First Opium War, Qinghua Study (青化书屋) etc. Among them, the Birthplace of Ge Yunfei is a brick-and-wood construction. The Memorial Hall of Ge Family, consisting of several independent wooden buildings, is the study of Ge Yunfei.


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