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Where to go in Hangzhou Lantern Festival 2019-11-06

The Lantern Festival is an indispensable part of Chinese Spring Festival celebrated on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month. As the name suggests, the Lantern Festival is mainly about lanterns and these lanterns are usually red, symbolizing good fortune. In Hangzhou, exquisite paper lanterns of different shapes and riddles on the lanterns are no doubt the focuses of the festival. However, on 2014 Lantern Festival, in order to enrich citizens’ life, traditional folk activities are also being arranged by different districts of Hangzhou. Let’s go and find out.


Shangcheng District

Main Venue: Wushan Square
Time: 13th February — 15th February


One of the highlights is definitely the 35-meter-long, 10-meter-tall horse-themed lantern. Lanterns highlighting the characteristic constructions of Southern Song Imperial Street are also worth a visit. Lanterns will be lit up from 18:30 to 21:30.


Gongshu District
Main Venue:
the Canal Plaza
Time: 13th February — 15th February


What’s worth mentioning in the Canal Plaza are the main lantern: “Saint Horses Celebrating the New Year” and three groups of colorful lanterns on water: “Jiangnan Water Town”, “Lotus Flowers” and “Water Lily”. In China Grand Canal Museum, traditional folk activities like solving lantern riddles, paper-cutting and lantern-painting are also available.


Xiacheng District
Main Venue:
West Lake Cultural Plaza
Time: 13th February — 15th February


Besides watching exquisite lanterns, you can also participate in making spring couplets and enjoy shadow play, puppet show and traditional handicrafts.


Jianggan District
This year, Jianggan District didn’t set Qingchun Square as the main venue as they usually do for lantern exhibition. Instead, the Lantern Festival is being celebrated in each community.



In Caihe Community (采荷社区), there will be a small lantern exhibition.

In Hongling community (红菱社区), on 14th February, 1,000 Tanghulu and 2,000 bowls of Yuanxiao will be made on the spot and distributed to visitors.


Xihu District
Main Venue:
Xixi National Wetland Park
Time: 13th February — 15th February


During the period, lanterns in the north entrance of Xixi, Fu Causeway and Jiangchun Fair etc. will be lit up to celebrate the festival from 17:30 to 20:30.


Other activities:
Hezhujie Area (河渚街区域): Lantern riddles, local delicacies, shadow play, Yue Opera, Bamboo Horse Dance, Dragon Dance and Lion Dance etc.
Gudang Street (古荡街道): Temple fair is available from 13th February to 15th February where folk artists will make Tanghulu and clay figurine etc.


Xiaoshan District
Time: 11th February — 15th February


This year, Xiaoshan District sets up six venues for lantern exhibition and lanterns themed on horse will be lit up from 19:00 to 21:30. In the six venues, the lantern exhibition by Xianghu New Town•Wenyan Town (湘湖新城•闻堰镇区) is a feast for the eyes. Among the lanterns, the “Dreamy Sea” made of 13 tons glass bottles is applying for Guinness World Records and the “Happy Faces” made of 100 lanterns of smiley faces is also very spectacular.


Yuhang District
Main Venue:
Linping People’s Square
Time: 13th February — 16th February


Linping People’s Square: Lantern Exhibition
Chaoshan: Enjoying Mume Blossom and lanterns, Tasting Taiwan Cuisine and participating in Concert for Blind Date.


The Grand Canal Scenic Area
13th February — 15th February
Activity: night cruise along the Grand Canal  Detail 

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