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The Legend of Romance — A Historical Romance of Wu & Yue 2019-08-01

About Wu & Yue

The name “Wu & Yue” comes from the combination of State of Wu (吴国) and State of Yue (越国) — the only two states located in the coastal area of southeast China during the Spring and Autumn Period (770 BC — 476 BC). Their territory mainly included present-day southern Jiangsu Province, southern Anhui Province, Zhejiang Province and Shanghai.



About the Show

Having premiered on 14 February, 2012, the Legend of Romance is a large-scale indoor live-action performance. It shows audience the story of Wu and Yue contending for hegemony, and the love story of Xi Shi (西施, one of the renowned Four Beauties of ancient China) and Fan Li (范蠡, an ancient Chinese advisor who helped King Goujian (勾践) of Yue defeat the State of Wu). It’s another masterpiece after Romance of the Song Dynasty.



Lasting for one hour, the show consists of one prelude and four scenes. The prelude narrates its background story: the fall of the State of Yue and King Goujian’s becoming a hostage of the Wu. The first and second scenes tell the story of Xi Shi — a once careless country girl — becoming a concubine of King Fu Chai of Wu (夫差) under the arrangement of King Goujian as a part of his plan of being restored to his throne. In the third scene, King Goujian finally defeats King Fu Chai and recovers the lost territory. The last scene shows that on this ancient battlefield of Wu and Yue, diligent Hangzhounese created charming Hangzhou.



About Stage Effects

The Legend of Romance applies various kinds of high-end equipment to recreate the history of Wuyue: the 500-square-meter LED Screen — at present the largest out of all theaters of China, six digital lights specially made for the Olympic Games, more than 20 snowmakers etc. Elements in the show like costumes, music are all designed by the top designers and artists in China: costumes by the chief uniform designer of Olympic Games and the Asian Games; stage by the stage designers of the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games; music by the composer of the advertising video of 2010 World Expo; and fight scenes designed by champions of martial art contests.



Where to go:
Hangzhou Paradise Park (杭州乐园)
Address:No.2555, Fengqing Avenue, Hangzhou (杭州市风情大道2555号)
Tel: 86-571-82880333

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