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Xinye Village-the Open-air Museum of China's Ming- and Qing- Style Constructions 2019-01-02

Recently, in the Culture Exhibition of Hangzhou City Life, Jiande Xinye Village (建德新叶村) was chosen to be one of "Top Ten Beautiful Samples" for its near-one-thousand-year farming culture. Xinye Village has long been renowned as the "Living Fossil of Farming Culture of Southeastern China".


Xinye Village is located in Daciyan Town (大慈岩镇) southwest Jiande, Hangzhou. It was listed as “Cultural Relic Under Provincial Protection by Zhejiang” in 2000 and "Historical and Cultural Village of China" in 2010 respectively. Walking into Xinye Village, you will immediately be attracted by its time-honored history and its simple and honest villagers. It's like a beautiful historical picture left behind by the booming modern society. It's a wonderland where people are reluctant to leave. In this village, you can find the serenity and idyllic beauty which you seldom see in urbanized modern world.


Xinye Village was formed in the twelfth year of Jiading (嘉定) Reign of the Northern Song Dynasty (1219). According to historical records, Xinye Village is the largest gathering place of Ye (叶) clan (“Ye” is a clan surname, means “leaf” in Chinese). Since their ancestors first settled in Xinye Village, they have undergone many wars and witnessed the overturn of many dynasties. Still, they managed to retain the thriving of their bloodline. In addition, villagers took good care of the historical relics left by their ancestors which contributes to the well preservation of the original structure of the village and its ancient constructions. At present, there are 16 ancient ancestral temples, halls, pagodas and temples and over 200 ancient residential houses in Xinye Village. Xinye Village’s long history and various kinds of constructions earned it the title — “the Open-air Museum of China's Ming- and Qing- Style Constructions” .

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