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Fuyang, Second to None 2019-06-24

Fuyang (富阳), a county-level city of Hangzhou, is a typical Jiangnan-style water town located in the northwest of Zhejiang Province, about 2-hour drive from downtown Hangzhou. Well known for its picturesque views of river and mountains, it is like a Shan Shui painting (a style of Chinese painting that depicts scenery or natural landscapes) hanging in the southwest of Hangzhou. In the city, there are abundant tourist resources which include Fuchun River (富春江), renowned as “the landscape second to none", the historic relic — Longmen Ancient Town (龙门古镇), the largest wild animal zoo in East China and the ancient paper-making and printing culture village.


Banshan Village (半山村)
About 61 kilometers from downtown Hangzhou, Banshan village is located at an altitude of 400 meters, half way up a mountain. It’s then aptly named Banshan Village (“ban” means a half in English and “shan” refers to mountain). The village is famous for its pink peach blossoms all over the mountain in spring and juicy Banshan peaches hanging on the trees in autumn. At present, the village has a peach orchard of 0.93 square kilometers and a bamboo forest of 1.33 square kilometers. Banshan peaches and bamboo shoots are its two representative local products. Banshan Village is an ideal place to experience the life of Hangzhou farmers where you can view peach blossoms, pick peaches, dig bamboo shoots and sample local foods.




Fuchun Taoyuan Scenic Area (富春桃源)
Situated in Xvkou Town (胥口镇), northwest of Fuyang City, Fuchun Taoyuan Scenic Area is 60 kilometers from Hangzhou. Covering an area of 15 square kilometers, it harmoniously combines the views of mountain, water, forest, cave and village together. Among them, Jiuxiao Biyun Cave (九霄碧云洞) owns the largest karst cave in Asia, which is 23,000 square kilometers. And the serene Yanling Lake (岩岭湖) is available for bamboo rafting.




Longmen Ancient Town (龙门古镇)
Situated about 50 kilometers away from downtown Hangzhou, Longmen Ancient Town is noted as the hometown of Sun Quan (孙权, the emperor of the Three Kingdoms state of Wu (184–280) and a main character in Romance of the Three Kingdoms (三国演义) — one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature). At present, about 90 percent of the inhabitants are surnamed Sun and said to be the descendants of Sun Quan. In addition, the ancient constructions dating back to Ming (1368-1644) and Qing Dynasties (1644-1912) are one of its highlights, too.
Admission Fee: 68 Yuan



Xinsha Island (新沙岛)
Located in the center of Fuchun River, Xinsha Island resembles a green leaf drifting in the water. Covering an area of 4.12 square kilometers, Xinsha Island is surrounded by water on four sides. On the island, green mulberries and golden sand occupies the whole area. On its west side lies the largest natural fresh-water swimming pool in East China. There are many interesting activities available like riding an ox cart, canoeing, cycling and camping.



Hangzhou Wild Animal World (杭州野生动物园)
With an area of 2.67 square kilometers, Hangzhou Wild Animal World is the largest wild animal zoo in East China. Unlike traditional zoos, Hangzhou Wild Animal World integrates wild animals and natural landscape. In the zoo, not only can you see various kinds of wild animals including four national animals of China, but also ranges of mountains, gurgling streams and abundant plants. In addition, the zoo is divided into two sections: walking section and driving section. It’s a perfect place to make intimate contact with wild animals, to experience the harmony between animals and the nature.
Admission fee: 130 Yuan


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