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24 Hours Around West Lake (Ⅰ) 2019-06-24
For its historical importance and incredible landscape, West Lake is blessed with numerous scenic spots which will take days to visit. However, if you follow my schedule, you can get the essence of this world heritage site in 24 hours.

From 23:00 to 1:00
Enjoy the Night Life of Hangzhounese on Nanshan Road

Located by West Lake, Nanshan Road is packed with many restaurants and pubs. It is the center of Hangzhou night life. More than a superficial commercial street, it is a historical street with a large number of historical relics like Temple to King Qians and China Academy of Art. The notable park of Orioles Sing in the Willows is also on this road.

From 1:00 to 5:00
Meditating in Aman Fayun Resort

Located in a valley east of West Lake, Aman Fayun Resort is about twenty minutes’ drive from downtown Hangzhou. Surrounded by wooded mountains, it features serenity. Adjacent to Lingyin Temple (灵隐寺) and Yongfu Temple (永福寺), the resort is enveloped in strong Buddhist culture. Rooms in Amanfayun Resort can be dated back to over a hundred years ago featuring white walls, cyan tiles and wooden hollow windows. Glossy green bamboo, stone bridges, cobblestone path, bell ringing from afar, monks passing by, everything here shows a sense of peace. Night here is calm and it’s an ideal place to listen to your heart.

From 5:00 to 7:00
Traveling by Water Bus Along the Grand Canal

As a marvelous creation of the Sui Dynasty (581–618 AD), the Grand Canal brought prosperity to Hangzhou and helped to form the unique water town lifestyle of Hangzhounese which can still be perceived along the Grand Canal.

As the heart of Hangzhou, the Grand Canal plays an important role in the daily life of Hangzhounese whose day usually starts from the Grand Canal. Six routes of water buses connecting almost the whole Hangzhou will take you to a tour of the morning life of Hangzhounese. In addition, the scenery along the Grand Canal is also incredible. At the end point of the Grand Canal, the over-500-year-old Gongchen Bridge still stands firmly over the Grand Canal and still in use. 

From 7:00 to 9:00
Xiling Seal Engravers Society

About a hundred years ago, attracted by West Lake Landscape, the top cultural elites of China established the Xiling Seal Engravers Society, "China's No.1 Society", on Gushan Hill near West Lake. Over the years, Xiling Seal Engravers Society has developed as the most time-honored, accomplished and influential academic society for epigraphy and sphragistics. Now although the then prosperity has faded away, through China Sigillography Museum, and the pagoda of Huayan Sutra, you can still get a glimpse of the hundred-year history.

From 9:00 to 11:00

Jiangyan Pan Eco-Park

Located in the south of Jade Emperor Hill (玉皇山), the east of Hupao (虎跑), the north of Qiantang River (钱塘江), south of Lotus Peak (莲花峰), Jiangyan Pan (江洋畔) is an unparalleled natural ecological park. It used to be the dumping place of silt from West Lake. After six years of “sun bathing”, those over-one-thousand-year-old seeds in the silt began to sprout. Now Jiangyan Pan has become a wetland featuring willows and wetland plants. A wooden viaduct leads to the deep part of the park where you can have some quiet time in this noisy world. With reeds reflected in the water, naughty fishes ripples the calm water surface and birds flying freely in the distance, everything here is so poetic. In addition, Hangzhou Cuisine Museum is also worth visiting where you can sample Hangzhou delicacies.

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