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A Tasteful Way to Enjoy Your Stay (Ⅰ) 2019-09-19
Hangzhou is rich in beauty and is picturesquely positioned among luscious green leaves notably from the trees, mountains and plants that shelter this vibrant city. It is this spectacular landscape that is also home to a number of restaurants and remarkable cuisine, which in turn magnificently savours up the magic of this city and leaves you longing for more. Here are three tasteful locations where you will not only enjoy the food but the surrounding scenery too.

Green Tea (Longjing Road Branch) 绿茶

Green Tea is a very famous restaurant chain in Hangzhou and you can see why. Driving only 20 minutes from Hangzhou's bustling city centre you will reach this spectacular destination. Nestled comfortably in the midst of a blanket of Longjing leaves, this branch of Green Tea has positioned itself well and is also known as one of Hangzhou's top beauty spots. It is popular among locals and tourists for its ever so reasonable prices and its delightfully delicious flavours. Oozing in taste and charm, this restaurant, like its name, is a healthy choice for those who want to go green.

Recommended dishes:

Longfu Stewed Fish (农夫炖鱼): A dish swimming in flavour notably from the tasty crab and fresh mandarin fish.

The temptation of Bread (面包诱惑): An extremely popular dessert made from crispy bread and creamier than creamy ice-cream.

Green Tea Barbecue(绿茶烤肉) , Fire Shrimp(火焰虾), Signature Boiling Rice(招牌沸腾饭) and etc.

Address: No.83, Longjing Road, Xihu District (西湖区龙井路83号)
Tel: 86-571-87888022
Traffic: 270, Y3
Bus Stop: Shuang Feng (双峰)

Jura Town (Longjing Road Branch) 汝拉小镇

Jura Town, hidden among leafy green mountains, is more like a rustic cottage in a fairy tale than a restaurant hiding from a busy town.  Covered wall to wall outside in green vines, inside is simplistically designed and with a roaring fire it is more than welcoming.  This is a fairy-tale restaurant narrating good hearty dishes, such as the roast mutton steak, in a natural picturesque setting.  

Address: No.68-4, Jilong Mountain, Shuangfeng Village, Longjing Road, Xihu District (西湖区龙井路双峰村鸡笼山68-4号) 
Tel: 86-571-87979012 13958191887
Traffic: T3 or K27
Bus Stop: Shuange Feng (双峰站)

A Tasteful Way to Enjoy Your Stay (Ⅱ)
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FAX: 86-571-96123
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