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Hangzhou Turns the Spotlight Inn-wards 2019-06-24
On August 5 the Hangzhou Tourism Commission’s official website of Hangzhou Inns (www.hzminsu.cn) went live putting Hangzhou Inns once again in the spotlight. Featuring unassuming but exquisite design Hangzhou Inns perfectly combine the city’s rustic charm with the comfort of some of its high-end hotels.

Hangzhou Inns focus on providing its guests with a unique individual experience, offering like-minded guests a handful of rooms clad in certain themes and designs. The inns provide more than a night away in that staying at any one of the following inns is sure to give you and your loved ones an unforgettable experience and a unique Double Seven Festival.

Tealysees Inn (茶香丽舍)
Address: No.212 Siyanjing, Hupao Road (虎跑路四眼井212号)

Tealysees Inn has been named one of the ‘Top Ten Inns’ in China. It only has eleven guestrooms in which each is decorated with distinctive features ranging from Japanese to American styles. Whatever your mood there is a room to match and whenever you choose to stay it is guaranteed you will always leave feeling uplifted. 

Metoo Home (蜜桃小院) 
Address: No.260 Baile Bridge, Lingyin Branch Road (灵隐支路白乐桥260号)

Situated in an elevated position and surrounded by dense forest, Metoo Home can offer you a serene environment without the disturbance of nearby villagers. With wooden furniture this is a simple rustic-like accommodation which also features a garden cultivated in all kinds of edible plants and flowers. With only five rooms it is better you book in advance!

Longjing Xinqing (珑璟心情)
Address: No.11 Siyanjing, Hupao Road (虎跑路四眼井11号)

European in style this inn is home to one of the most exquisite gardens in Siyanjing Region where rippling water and classical stone bridges are just some of its exotic features. Set in one of the most advantageous locations where 14 notable views of the West Lake are within its three-kilometer radius, it is no wonder thousands of tourists flock to this destination year after year.

Stray Birds (飞鸟集)
Address: No.1 Yangjia Mountain, Upper Manjuelong Village, Xihu District (西湖区上满觉陇村杨家山1号)

Farewell to the noisy urban world! Situated in serene and remote mountain areas, Stray Birds is a perfect getaway where you seem to have all the time in the world and can indulge yourself with anything you like. The inn guarantees you a unique experience in your dream world.

Shuimo Ju (水墨居)
Address: No.246 Baile Bridge, Lingyin Branch Road, Xihu District (西湖区灵隐支路白乐桥246号)

Surrounded by buildings with black tiles and white walls, the inn looks like being in an ink wash painting. Hence, it's named Shuimo Ju- the House of Chinese Ink Panting, with “Shuimo” referring to Chinese ink, “Ju” meaning the house. The inn features simplicity, clearance and serenity.

Hangzhou UU Hotel (旅行者•漫步)
Address: No.176 Shuguang Road, Xihu Disctrict (西湖区曙光路176号)

Eighteen guestrooms of different structures and distinctive styles, are designed according to the theme of the inn – “homelike stay”. In the inn, there are various kinds of rooms available: rooms with bunk beds where you can reminisce about your university life; special rooms for families with carefully selected toys prepared for your child and a play room, where building blocks and books are available.

Luci Tuwu (芦茨土屋)

Address: Near Luci Bay, Fuchunjiang Town, Tonglu County (近郊桐庐县富春江镇芦茨湾)

Simply speaking from its appearance, the inn may not be the most outstanding one. But once you step inside, you will be aware of its charm: courtyard paved with fine sands, restaurants featuring Mediterranean style and a transparent glass room.

Shoshin Village (悦延居)
Address: the entrance of Baiyunyuan Scenic Area, Tonglu County (桐庐县白云源景区入口处)

Shoshin Village is owned by a couple from Shanghai who were musicians. It’s interesting that its twelve guestrooms are named after 12 of 24 Chinese solar terms. In the inn, you can taste the delicious Hangzhou local cuisine. The ingredients used for cooking are purely nature, with the vegetables and fruits planted by the owners, and fishes and shrimps from Fuchun River. What’s also worth mentioning is the twelve horses from Lijiang, Yun’nan Province (a beautiful place famous for its horses).

Miyaluo Farm (米亚罗农庄)
Address: Yunlang Village, Changhua Town, Lin’an City (临安市昌化镇云浪村)

Miyaluo Farm consists of six cottages, an orchard, a bamboo forest and a field. You get a lot of things to do here: enjoy sun-bath in its cozy Tatami area; have some snacks or drink a cup of coffee in the bar area; pick fresh fruits from the orchard or vegetables from the garden to cook. You can also plant some plants in the field, and come back to check on them from time to time.
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