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The Folklore of Peak Flying from Afar 2019-09-19
According to folk legends, there used to be a little peak which can fly in E’Mei Mountain, Sichuan Province. It caused a great deal of damage and no one was able to control it.

Back then, an immortal disguised himself as a monk in Lingyin Temple. He didn't follow the monastic rules for Buddhists and spoke nonsense all day long. Hence, the local then called him “Crazy Monk”.

One day, Crazy Monk learnt the strange peak would fly to Hangzhou and drop onto a village in front of Lingyin Temple at noon. He was so concerned about the safety of villagers that he informed the villagers from door to door instantly. He urged the villagers to pack their things and evacuate. But no one seemed to believe him. The villagers thought it was just one of his nonsenses and laughed that how can such a thing heavy as a peak can fly!

With the sun rising higher and higher in the sky, there was not much time left. Crazy Monk got more and more anxious and was not able to do a thing. Then an idea occurred to him. It’s so happened that on that particular day, there was a couple getting married. “Crazy Monk” sneaked into their wedding ceremony and without a word, he picked up the bride and threw her on his shoulder and fled. Learning “Crazy Monk” had stolen the bride, all villagers put their work aside and walked out of their door to rescue the bride except the mean landlord.

The statue of Maitreya Buddha

After the villagers having chased him to the place miles away from the village, Crazy Monk stopped and let the bride down. Villagers had hardly approached Crazy Monk when a thundering sound behind caught their attention. It turned out that a peak did land on the village. People then realized Crazy Monk did all this to save everyone's life and turned to thank him. However, the mean landlord wasn’t so lucky and was crushed to death. When people was about to leave, Crazy Monk suggested engraving 500 arhats on the peak to lock it there in case that it may fly elsewhere and cause damage. Everyone was in favor and spent a night engraving the 500 arhats. Since then, the flying peak has not moved even an inch. And the 500 arhats has become one of the highlights of the peak. For the peak was flying from E’Mei Mountain, it’s then named the Peak Flying from Afar.
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