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Hiking in Mountains Around West Lake 2019-09-19
Hangzhou is famous for West Lake, which is surrounded on three sides by mountains and the fourth by Hangzhou city. There are more than 70 mountains in Hangzhou, each featuring different landscape and different autumn views to explore. Why not put on your trekking boots and choose one of the mountains to climb with your friends? Here are some recommended routes where you can enjoy the mountain landscape without missing the scenery of West Lake.

Route 1
Broken Bridge (断桥) — Precious Mountain (宝石山) — Ge Hill (葛岭)— Purple Cloud Cave (紫云洞) — Guapai Mountain (挂牌山) — Wushi Peak (乌石峰) — Breeze-ruffled Lotus at Quyuan Garden (曲院风荷)

Time: 2 hours
Traffic: K7, K27, k16 and k21
Bus Stop: Children’s Palace (少年宫)
Introduction: This route features the most beautiful scenery in Hangzhou. On Precious Mountain stands the landmark construction of Hangzhou - Baochu Pagoda which is worth visiting. Between Purple Cloud Cave and Wushi Peak, there is a dirt path, which is full of rustic charm, and where you can even pick wild flowers. The giant rock on Wushi Peak offers a panoramic view of West Lake.

Route 2
Yuquan Campus of Zhejiang University (浙大玉泉校区) — Laohe Hill (老和山) — Jiangjun Mountain (将军山) — Lingfeng Peak (灵峰)  — Northern Peak (北高峰) — Lingyin Temple (灵隐寺)

Time: 2 hours
Traffic: K293, 82/k82, k89, k16, 21/k21, k101, 15/k15, 815 and 527/k527
Stop: Yuquan Campus of Zhejiang Campus (浙大玉泉校区)
Introduction: This route boasts picturesque scenery with zigzag streams murmuring and emerald hills range upon range. A flagstone road winds its way along the ridge of the mountain, which is flanked by various kinds of trees and grasses swaying with autumn wind. From time to time, birds will hold a concert. It’s fairly relaxing.

Along the route, you will come across Northern Peak - a noted mountain in Hangzhou. It's an indispensable part of Twin Peaks Piercing the Cloud (双峰插云) - one of “Traditional Top Ten Views of West Lake”. On Northern Peak, stands an ancient temple - Huaguang Temple(华光寺) dating back to the Song Dynasty (960 —1279). It’s considered as the No.1 Temple of Mammon. At the foot lies Lingyin Temple.

Route 3
Laodongyue Village (老东岳村) — Liushui Bridge (流秀桥)— Beauty Peak (美人峰)— Longmen Mountain (龙门山)— Shiren Peak (石人峰) — Tianzhu Mountain (天竺山)— Qipan Mountain (棋盘山)— Tianma Mountain (天马山) — Jiqing Mountain (吉庆山)— China Tea Museum (中国茶叶博物馆)


Time: 4 hours
Traffic: 83, 49 and 306
Bus Stop: Laodongyue (老东岳)
Introduction: Generally, this route is kind of rough and only suitable for experienced mountaineers. From Liushui Bridge to Longmen Mountain, you have to climb over three hills and go through dense forest. The path is slippery and steep, and you need to watch where you’re going and you’d better bring a companion.

Along the route, the 412-meter-high Tianzhu Mountain is the highest among the mountains around West Lake. After Qipan Mountain, the path is relatively smooth.

Route 4
Wansong Academy (万松书院) — Tiger Cave (老虎洞) — Phoenix Mountain (凤凰山) — Phoenix Pavilion (凤凰亭) — Fantian Temple (梵天寺) — Foot of Huangcheng Mountain (皇城山脚)

Time: 2.5 hours
Introduction: A large number of historic relics are scattered along the route as well as cultural heritage sites. Among them is Wansong Academy where Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai, the Chinese equivalent of Romeo and Juliet, studied together. Standing on the mountain, you can appreciate the view of Hangzhou city, West Lake and Qiantang River at the same time.

Route 5
Lingyin (灵隐) — Upper Tianzhu (上天竺) — Zhugan Hill (竹竿山) — Yanjia Hill (严家山) — Dingjia Hill (丁家山) — Daqing Valley (大青谷)

Time: 3.5 hours
Traffic: Y1, Y13, Y2 K807, J17, J18, K807 and 7/k7
Bus Stop: Lingyin (灵隐)
Introduction: This route is suitable for those wanting a getaway from noisy urban life.

Hiking iin Mountains Around West Lake Ⅱ
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