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Top Ten Noodle Restaurants in Hangzhou 2019-07-16
As the approaching of chilly winter, a hot bowl of noodles definitely can do the trick, keeping you away from coldness and satisfying your sophisticated palate at the same time. Here are recommended top ten noodle restaurants in Hangzhou. They are not fancily decorated; Their only focus is on noodles.

NO. 1 Juying Noodle Restaurant (菊英面馆)
Specialty: Pian’erchuan (片儿川, a local soup noodle)
Even though Juying Noodle Restaurant may not look the part it’s the Pian’erchuang noodles that really count (Hangzhou’s Pian’erchuang was awarded as one of the “Top Ten Noodles in China”). Hangzhou’s bowls are overflowing with this signature noodle, however not all can be compared to those tasted in Juying Noodle Restaurant.

From early morning to midnight a constant stream of people from all walks of life can be seen queuing to sample the famous noodle variety.

Tips: The restaurant has summer and winter vacations and they close during Spring Festival and in extremely hot weather.

No.2 Noodle Restaurant on Daxue Road (大学路面馆)
Specialty: Soup Noodles with Pork Liver
This little restaurant is so well known that it needs no name - just two red Chinese characters ‘面店 (Noodle Restaurant)’ painted on its doorframe. Last year it was honored ‘The Most Amazing Noodle Restaurant’ by a TV station and its specialty medium well done noodles match perfectly well with the tender liver ingredients.

No. 3 Zhong'er Noodle Restaurant (忠儿面馆)
Specialty: Soup Noodles with Pork Kidney, Soup Noodles with Seafood and Soup Noodles with Pork Sirloin Steak
When the restaurant first opened five years ago it had no name but now it has become widely known as ‘Zhong'er Noodle Restaurant’. Soup Noodles with Pork Kidney is the restaurant’s signature dish with almost every customer ordering it. The secret ingredient to the restaurant’s tasty noodles is its soup which is simmered for hours before serving.

It is best to come early to avoid disappointment as the dishes are limited and although the restaurant is not closed until midnight, due to popular demand some dishes may not be available.

No. 4 Noodle Restaurant in Hutianbei Alley (湖田北弄面馆)
Specialty: Soup Noodles with Seafood
This six-year-old noodle restaurant, 10 square kilometers in size, has no name too and is located not far from the Former Residence of Xiayan (夏衍故居) in Hutianbei Alley (湖田北弄). The noodles are prepared by the owner every morning at 5am and by noon the restaurant is really crowded. With ingredients like dried shrimp, seashell, mushroom and greens, soup noodles with seafood are the most popular and take-away is also available.

No. 5 Baijingfang Noodle Restaurant (百井坊面馆)
Specialty: Soup Noodles with Pork Steak and Noodles with Chitterlings
It is difficult to find this restaurant as it is located on the second floor of a residential building however if you see a sign ‘Noodles on the second floor’ then you know you have found it! The owners who run the restaurant are often seen mingling with the customers and with a number of noodle dishes on the menu it is definitely worth looking for.

No. 6 Noodle Restaurant on Fuxing South Road (复兴南路面店)
Specialty: Soup Noodles with Pork Liver and Banchuan (拌川, a kind of fried noodles)
The restaurant is only open in the morning and afternoon, and closes at 2pm. Words are not enough to describe its wonderful noodles. Go to the restaurant, and you will understand. I bet you would get amazed by its every-day scene: crowds of people sit on the benches busy eating their noodle without caring about their looks. Banchuan is ordered the most here.

No.7 Noodle Restaurants on Hushu North Road (湖墅北路面馆)
Specialty: Noodles with Pork Liver and Noodles with Pork Steak
The restaurant is not far from Xiaohe Historical Street. Just like the No. 6 noodle restaurant, customers love to eat on the benches outside even when there is still room inside. There are two kinds of benches, with one tall and the other short. People usually put their noodles on the tall bench and sit on the short bench. The restaurant is run by a three-member family with the mother take charge. The noodles are usually sold out at noon.

No.8 A'qiang Noodle Restaurant (阿强面馆)
Specialty: Noodles with Quick-fried Eel Shreds and Shelled Shrimps (虾爆鳝鱼)
A’qiang Noodle Restaurant is located on Fuxing South Road (复兴南路). Compared with other noodle restaurants, the noodles here is a little bit expensive. Except that “Pian'erchuan”, “Noodles with Pork Steak” and “Noodles with Pork Liver” are sold under 10 Yuan, the price of other noodles like “Noodles with Quick-fried Eel Shreds and Shelled Shrimps” varies between 10 Yuan and 40 Yuan. You can add more ingredients with an additional charge: 3 Yuan for mushrooms, 2 Yuan for tomatoes and 4 Yuan for bamboo shoots. “Noodles with Quick-fried Eel Shreds and Shelled Shrimps” is the most popular noodles here with a price of 27 Yuan per bowl. According to the owner, the eels used for the noodle are cooked right after they are killed. Remember to come early, or there would be no seat for you.

No.9 A'liang Noodle Restaurant (阿良面馆)
Specialty: Soup Noodles with Quick-fried Eel Shreds and Shelled Shrimps, Liangmianhuang (两面黄 a kind of fried noodles)
The restaurant is plainly decorated with not so perfect location: the end of Gao Yin Street. What’s special about the place is that it serves the most authentic Hangzhou noodle. Most of the customers in the restaurant are Hangzhounese. It's said that the restaurant is so popular that even owners of other restaurants come here all the time. This is the place where you can taste the authentic Hangzhou noodle, and experience the life of Hangzhounese.

No. 10 Noodle Restaurant in Desheng Community (德胜小区里的无名面馆)
Specialty: Soup Noodles with Pork Liver
The customers of the restaurant are quite diverse: white-clerk, students and residents living in Desheng Community. The restaurant only takes up one room of the Community Center which can only holds three tables. Customers usually eat their noodles outside under the tree. The owner is quite proud of her topping which is unparalleled. Don’t be surprised when you see people order topping without the noodles.

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