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Impression West Lake Ranks Third in the Must-Visits of Hangzhou 2019-11-06
According to an announcement made by the world's largest travel site - TripAdvisor®, Hangzhou was chosen to be one of “2013 Hottest Travel Destinations in China” by global travelers. On the Hangzhou’s must-visit list provided by them, West Lake, Impression West Lake and Lingyin Temple are the top three. (Click here to see details on Tripadvisor.com)

Unlike West Lake — a UNESCO’s World Heritage site, Lingyin Temple — one of the top ten Buddhist temples of China, Impression West Lake is just a seven year-old show. The list is a big acknowledgement of the greatest of the show.

“Impression West Lake is the reflection of Heaven on the earth.” That's the theme set by the directors of Impression West Lake. Using water as its stage, mountains as its background, over-a-thousand-year history of the heavenly city — Hangzhou is what it has been trying to recreate. Featuring local culture of Hangzhou and unique charm of West Lake, the show enables audience to understand Hangzhou culture and history in a natural and vivid way. Although, there is no line in the show, its dreamlike performances can activate viewer’s emotion and imagination. That's why the show can attract over 400,000 visitors every year.

The road to make the world to understand every aspect of the profound culture of China is long and rough. However, Impression West Lake, only demonstrating just small part of it, has taken a big step on this road and won the world’s recognition.

Information About Impression West Lake
The venue of Impression West Lake is Yuehu Lake Scenic Area (岳湖景区). It stretches south to Zhaogong Causeway (赵公堤), north to Yue Lake Tower (岳湖楼), west to Breeze-ruffled Lotus at Quyuan Garden (曲院风荷) and east to Su Causeway (苏堤).
The venue of Impression West Lake is Yue Lake Scenic Area (岳湖景区). It stretches south to Zhaogong Causeway (赵公堤), north to Yue Lake Tower (岳湖楼), west to Breeze-ruffled Lotus at Quyuan Garden (曲院风荷) and east to Su Causeway (苏堤). - See more at: http://en.gotohz.com/whatishot/bestofhangzhou/201307/t20130718_86683.shtml#sthash.1etmoxtz.dpuf

Impression West Lake vividly presents the history and culture of West Lake by exploring the folk lore and myths of Hangzhou and highlighting the best of them, such as the Legend of White Snake (白蛇传) and Butterfly lovers (梁山伯与祝英台). It highlights the beautiful landscape of West Lake by performing on the real water and using mountains as the performance background. Besides, it is a feast of music, with background music created by Kitaro Matsuri (a world-class musician), songs sung by Zhang Liangyin (张靓颖), a popular Chinese singer with a heavenly voice.

How Seats are Arranged in Impression West Lake?

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