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West Lake Cruise 2019-11-06
It’s no exaggeration to say that part of Hangzhou’s fame “a heavenly city” derives from West Lake which has enthralled numerous people for its unique landscape. Surrounded by mountains on three sides, West Lake has three islets standing in it, three causeways guarding it, two pagodas facing each other across it, and two brilliantly illuminated streets close to it.

More than a picturesque scenic spot, West Lake is also a combination of Hangzhou’s culture and history. It witnessed the beautiful love between the White Snake and Xuxian, the uprightness of General Yue Fei, the talent and beauty of Su Xiaoxiao. It has won numerous praises from ancient emperors and poets. It’s history that creates West Lake and endows it with indefinite charm.

West Lake Cruise

West Lake is just like an ancient traditional Chinese painting inviting you to step in. Cruising West Lake leisurely, not only enables you to enjoy the beautiful view of West Lake from a difference angle, but also help you fully sense the feelings of ancient Chinese and get a glimpse of modern Hangzhounese.

Type of Boats Range of the Tourism Area Where to Board Price
Painted Boats Outer West Lake including Lesser Yingzhou and Mid-lake Islet Lakeside Park 5
Lakeside Park 2
Children's Palace
Leisure Boats  Outer West Lake including Lesser Yingzhou and Mid-lake Islet Lakeside Park 1
Lakeside Park 5
Children's Palace
Zhongshan Park
Hangzhou Restaurant
Huagang Park
Temple to King Qians
Self-drive Boats West Inner Lake
Broken Bridge
The First Hour: RMB40/boat for four-seat; RMB50/boat for six-seat

Additional Time: RMB20/half an hour/boat for four-seat and RMB25/half an hour/boat for six-seat
Self-rowing Boats Outer Lake
Lakeside Park 6
The First Hour: RMB30/boat

Additional Time: RMB15/half an hour/boat
Rowing Boats Lesser Yingzhou, Mid-lake Pavilion,
Ruan Gong Islet, and Yanggong
Causeway Scenic Area  etc.
Around West Lake
The First Hour: RMB150/boat for six-seat rowing boats; RMB180/boat for eleven-seat sculling boats.

Additional Time: RMB75/half an hour/boat for rowing boats; RMB90/half an hour/boat for sculling boats
Dragon Boat Bai Causeway → Autumn Moon Mirroring Over the Calm Lake Su Causeway Three Pools Mirroring the Moon Orioles Singing in the Willows Hubin Music Fountain back to dock (about 50 minutes in all) Lakeside Park 5 Wharf RMB90/person (a fruit platter, Longjing Tea or other drinks, and the performance of Jiangnan Sizhu (江南丝竹) — a traditional Chinese music form are included)
Coffee Boats Children's Palace Wharf RMB90/person (a cup of Longjing Tea or coffee, and the performance of Jiangnan Sizhu are included.)
Xinxin Restaurant Wharf

West Lake Night Cruise

From May to October, the following wharfs provide the service of night cruise. Different kinds of boats are available.

Lakeside Park 2 Wharf
Boat Type: Cruising ships, painted boats
Lakeside Park 5 Wharf
Boat Type: Leisure boats and painted boats
Children's Palace Wharf
Boat Type: Leisure boats and painted boats
Broken Bridge Wharf
Boat Type: Self-driving boats

Map of Wharfs Around West Lake

Information about Wharfs Around West Lake

 Name  Telephone  Bus
 Lakeside Park 1 Wharf  86-571-87035619  Y9, 4, 30
 Lakeside Park 2 Wharf  86-571-87063514  Y9, K7, Y1
 Lakeside Park 5 Wharf  86-571-87028153  Y9, K7, Y1
 Lakeside Park 6 Wharf  86-571-87026538  Y9, K7, 30
 Children's Palace Wharf
 86-571-87068226  Y9, K7, 27
 Broken Bridge Wharf  86-571-87967737  Y9, K7, 27
 Zhongshan Park Wharf  86-571-87967598  Y9, K7, 850
 Yue Fei's Temple Wharf
 86-571-87978187  Y9, K7, 27
 Hangzhou Restaurant Wharf  86-571-87978187  Y9, K7, 27
 Huagang Park Wharf  86-571-87986472  Y9, 4, 504
 Temple to King Qians Wharf  86-571-87068224  Y9, 4
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The sun is shining and the autumn wind is just right. In such good weather, it is a good idea to travel back in time in the Hangzhou Confucius Temple. Here, you can cultivate your mind and soul. In the temple, tablets can be seen everywhere, positioning people instantly in the ancient seat of learning in the capital city of the Southern Song Dynasty. Here, you can stop and appreciate the ancient moss-covered stone tiles, which seems to narrate the thousands-of-year history of the Confucius Temple.
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