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Travel Guide for National Day in Hangzhou 2019-04-01

With the National Day approaching, people are eager to make plans about where to enjoy the precious seven-day holiday. As one of them, have you made up your mind about where to go? If you don’t feel like travelling far and getting stuck in heavy traffic, maybe it would be better for you to choose some short-distance destinations.

Yuhang District surrounding Downtown Hangzhou on three sides, boasts abundant tourist resources. Most of its scenic spots are just one-hour drive away from Downtown Hangzhou. During the holiday, there are many things to do in Yuhang District.

Red Persimmon Festival in Xixi Wetland National Park
Autumn is the season of harvest. The red persimmon, as the harbinger of autumn, definitely should be the focus of autumn. Right now the annual Xixi Red Persimmon Festival is in progress. If you missed the first part of the festival, you still get the chance for the festival lasts till October 20th.

There, you can taste the most delicious Huoshi (火柿) which is not available in market. Also, you can pick persimmons in a boat, of course, under the instruction of persimmon farmers. The persimmons you picked can be brought home free. In addition, there are many persimmon-themed activities, like Wheel of Fortune, Guinness Record of Piling up Persimmons and Persimmon Parade.

Having Fun with Dinosaurs in Chaoshan Scenic Area
From October 1st to November 10th, the big exhibition of "Jurassic Park" will be held in Chaoshan Scenic Area (超山风景区). On display are models of over 40 species and 60 items of dinosaurs. The rubber used to make the dinosaurs is felt just like flesh. And the dinosaurs’ mouths, eyes, paws and tails can also move. Some of them even can lay eggs from which baby dinosaurs can come out.

Meanwhile, with the help of high-tech, the dinosaurs can say hi to people walking in. It's definitely an unforgettable experience for your kids.

“The Voice” in the Farmer Paradise
The carnival of the Farmer Paradise (农夫乐园) starts on October 1st, and ends on December 24th. During the carnival, tourists can participate in many exciting activities such as Clown Performance, Cartoon Sitcoms, Tomatoes vs. Zombies, Angry Birds.

The highlight of the carnival is definitely "The Voice - Family Version" which is based on the American reality television singing competition "The Voice". Tourists are encouraged to enter for the match. As long as one coach votes for you, you can get presents. The more, the better.

Cruising Around Tangqi Ancient Town
This event lasts from September 18th to November 30th with liners travelling between Hangzhou and Tangqi Ancient Town (塘栖古镇).

At 9 o’clock every morning, liners with antique decorations depart from Wulinmen Wharf (武林门码头), following in the footsteps of Kangxi Emperor (1654 - 1722) and Qianlong Emperor (1711-1799) along the Grand Canal, and arrive at Canshan Wharf (蚕桑码头) in Tangqi Ancient Town. The whole journey lasts for two hours with tour guides introducing the scenic spots along the canal. The Tangqi-Hangzou liners depart at 2 pm. from Canshan Wharf. The one-way ticket costs 75 Yuan. You can buy tickets in Wulinmen Wharf and Tangqi Tourist Center.

Shuangxi Carnival
40 kilometers northwest of Hangzhou lies Shuangxi Fengqing Town (双溪风情小镇). There gathers many famous scenic spots like Luyu Spring (陆羽泉), Jingshan Temple (径山寺) and Sungai Bamboo Rafting (双溪漂流).

In order to provide a more pleasing experience for tourists, Shuangxi Fengqing Town plans to hold the Shuangxi Carnival from October 1st to 3rd. In the carnival, there are four shows in the street every day. The shows include the Dragon Dance, Dance on Stilts, Opera and Acrobatics. You can make intimate contact with performers by following their lead walking along the thousand-meter-long walking Street. When you are tired, you can try some local cuisine of Yuhang in restaurants and the newly-opened lobster restaurant is extremely popular.

Free Buses
To make your trip to Yuhang District more convenient, this autumn free buses travelling between Yuhang Scenic Area and Hangzhou Tourists Distribution Center (Huanglong Branch) are provided for tourists. Two routes are available.

Route one (available from October 1st to October 7th)
Hangzhou Tourists Distribution Center (Huanglong Branch) — Sungai Bamboo Rafting Xianshangu Drift Hangzhou Shangougou Scenic Area
Chinese: 杭州旅游集散(黄龙)中心 双溪漂流 仙山谷漂流 山沟沟

Route Two (available from October 1st to December 1st)
Hangzhou Tourists Distribution Center (Huanglong Branch) Liangzhu Jade Culture Park The Farmer Paradise Tangqi Ancient Town Pipa Bay
Chinese: 杭州旅游集散(黄龙)中心 良渚玉文化园 农夫乐园 塘栖古镇 琵琶湾

For further information, you can call 89196123.
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