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High Heels, Shining All the Way 2019-01-02
HANGZHOU, China, July 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Many fashionable women have an opinion about high heels. Almost every little girl has worn mom's high heels in secret to pretend to be a grownup. With the fantastic dream of becoming a charming lady, girls regard high heels as the vehicle carrying them to the world of grownups.

Famous designer Tom Ford has commented on the sexiness of heels, Madonna claimed "Give me a pair of high heels, I can conquer the world," and the words of Sex and the City's Carrie,  "Standing on high heels, I can see the whole world," have all struck a chord with plenty of girls. Even Lady Gaga confessed that she can't live without fake lashes or high heels.

There is a theory that only three things can be remembered about a woman: the beauty she had, the man she loved and the high heels she possessed. This just indicates the role high heels play in women's lives. It can be said that high heels are gifts for girls from God together with their beauty. British women have shown their opinions that high heels should stand high on the list of the greatest inventions of the last century.

Actually, women are madly obsessed with high heels just because they can manifest the beauty as long as women wear them. Elongating legs, enhancing height, or shaping body, is there anything that a great pair of high heels can't do? Women will walk confidently, gracefully and definitely sexily with high heels.

A survey from Harvard University shows that high heels between 4cm and 6cm can help lose weight, as shoes of that certain height can effectively burn off fat and step up metabolism. High heels allegedly can also alleviate arthralgia during menstrual periods and even improve one's sex life.

However, low-quality high heels will not only make you lag behind on the way to fashion, but damage your health. It's been reported that cervical spondylosis and female urinary incontinence can be caused by low-quality high heels. Tripping in high heels in public is also inevitable from the moment you put your toes in low-quality high heels. Obviously, choosing high heels is a serious matter.

In March 2013, a Canadian student called Alice bought a pair of 8cm high heels at Jollychic.com. As a shopping-lover, Alice still shuddered at the thought of a sprain from the high heels she bought from a dime shopping website last year. On the contrary, this pair of high heels from Jollychic.com provided Alice a totally new experience of high heels: chic, innovatively designed, cost-effective and comfortable.

Holding on to the innovative design concept and also advocating high-quality life, Jollychic.com is a leading online apparel exporter that aims at providing various, well-fabricated and well-designed products. High heels on Jollychic.com will give you a totally new experience of fashion, elegance and coziness.

Put on high heels to be more beautiful; click Jollychic.com to find your style.

source: Jollychic.com

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