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Half & Half
Half & Half
216 Xueyuan Road 学院路216号
+86 571 81022152

Brief of Half & Half

Half & Half may not be the most distinctive bar in Hangzhou, but it certainly is the bar with the most delicious food in town. As a midnight hangout place, chatting and drinking, Half & Half is the most ideal place to be.

The owner is a man of ingenuity. The "Shi Quan Da Bu (all nourishing decoctions)" served in a teacup certainly is the drink with the most flavors of tea.

Because of its bar food like Lard Rice, Half & Half has gained its fame. Midnight is always a good time to satisfy your stomach and drinks alone aren't enough, so why not come to Half & Half to try its Mapo Tofu Spaghetti, Tuna dumplings, etc.

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