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More Cocktail Lounge
More Cocktail Lounge
No.19, Xihu District, Hangzhou 杭州西湖区通普路19号

Brief of More Cocktail Lounge

Located in a tranquil road, More Cocktail Lounge keeps in low profile during daytime, but when night falls, with sparkling shop sign, the shop begins to show its real face. The whole room of the bar, where a variety of wines are placed on the counter and wine racks, is smothered with a simple and gentle atmosphere.

The bar, where quite music fills the air and several bartenders busy themselves with wines on the counter, differentiates itself from other noisy bars by its tranquility and peace. This is the best place for groups of friends to drink and chat, or just in the purpose of escaping the busyness and fatigue in a day.

Bartenders here are very pleased to introduce and explain the special point and taste of each wine for those guests who are unfamiliar with wines. It is worth mentioning that Thursday night is Lady’s Night, when ladies get free refill.

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