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B2 Barista&Bartender
B2 Barista&Bartender
F1, East Maojiaqiao Apartment, No.58, Gaoji Street, Xihu Distr...
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    Brief of B2 Barista&Bartender

    In Hangzhou, coffee bars are rarely seen and B² Barista&Bartender is one among the most popular ones. The owners of the bar are a couple, the husband as a barista and the wife as a bartender, and they two work together to manage the shop well.

    Daytime is the coffee time, when with a cup of tasty coffee, guests can lavish a whole afternoon reading and listening to music. When night falls, to escape the troubles, why not have a cup of whiskey or two?

    Gusts in favor of cats are lucky to be welcomed by two lovely cats and get up close to them.

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