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The Legend of Romance
Inside Hangzhou Paradise Park, No.2555, Fengqing Avenue, Hangz...

Brief of The Legend of Romance

The name 'Wu &Yue' comes from the State of Wu (吴国) and the State of Yue (越国) - the only two states located in the coastal area of southeast China during the Spring and Autumn Period (771 BC - 476 BC). Lasting for one hour, the show mainly focuses on portraying the Wu and Yue states contending for hegemony and the love story of Xi Shi (西施, one of ancient China's renowned beauties) and Fan Li (范蠡), an ancient Chinese advisor who helped King Goujian (勾践) of Yue defeat the State of Wu. A truly spectacular performance – some may say a battle of love and war.

As for the stage effect various forms of high-end equipment are used to recreate the history of Wuyue, such as a 500-square-meter LED Screen (currently the largest in China's theatrical world), six digital lights as used in the Olympic Games, and more than 20 snowmakers. Every element of the show has been created by only the best in design - for instance the costumes were designed by the chief uniform designer of the Olympic and Asian Games; the stage set was created by the designers of the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games and the show's music is the same composer who composed the 2010 World Expo advertising video.

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