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In Club
No.23, Yanggong Causeway, Hangzhou

Brief of In Club

In Club is as upscale as the hotel in which it resides. Inside, the club is arranged around a central rectangular bar area fringed with stools. Opposite one side, there is a stage with a band playing. Radiating out from the central entertainment area are a number of other sections: a wine lounge, beer bar, whisky bar, cigar bar, and a teppanyaki section. Every section has its own style, but still matches well with the main design scheme which is based on a traditional Chinese villa.

From the exquisite decoration of In Club, I guess you can get an idea of the prices of drinks in the club. A can of Budweiser at In Club is 130RMB, while Bud draught is 80RMB. Guinness is at the top of the scale (100RMB), while your cheapest brewski is a Qingdao at 70RMB. Cocktails are at 80RMB, which is the same as a glass of orange juice. Coffees (mocha, cappucinno, latte) are 60RMB each, and a Coke will set you back 30RMB. For what it’s worth, In Club is really a nice place to have a drink and make some friends.

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